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In this month's edition of The Lupus Magazine we meet the remarkable Kimberly Dansby, the founder of The Purple Rose Foundation, an organisation focused on providing scholarships to students with lupus, as well as dependants of those with lupus.
June 1, 2011 - PRLog -- As people affected by lupus, we are all students in a sense. We are constantly learning about lupus and how it affects us. We are educating ourselves as we search for information. We listen to the experiences of fellow lupus patients and decipher the language of experts in the medical field.

And often, we become teachers ourselves, as we pass on information to others as the cycle of lupus involves a new inquisitive face daily. And as a result of our medical conditions, our families and friends also become students of lupus too.

Despite the illness, we are able to compare notes with fellow lupies relatively easily and usually from the comfort of our own surroundings, via support groups and online. However, one must spare a thought for those who actually want to study another subject altogether.

Enter Kimberly Dansby, an inspiring woman who is striving to make this a reality. Kimberly is the founder of The Purple Rose Foundation, an organisation focused on fundraising efforts; thus providing academic scholarships to students with lupus, as well as dependants of those fighting the disease. Students will be awarded their scholarships in the fall of each year.

“I was diagnosed with lupus March 12, 2010. It took me five months to get into a Rheumatologist who could see me. Once I went and saw her, she knew right away I had lupus. Over the course of that year, I would learn I also had RA, Sjogren's Syndrome and Raynaud's,” explained Kimberly.

As a student herself, Kimberly realised the importance for those with lupus to pursue their education and studies.

“Because I am a student I understand the challenges people with lupus can face. I go to school fulltime and it can be very difficult but not impossible. But I wanted to do something to help people so they would not have to give up their dreams due to diagnosis. In the future Purple Rose will expand its reach to help a broader base of people with lupus, but for now we are focusing on helping people make a better future for themselves by assisting with their college education.”

To learn more about The Purple Rose Foundation and to read Kimberly's full interview with Geoff Thomas, check out the June edition of The Lupus Magazine - free and online now!


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