Holographic Wormhole Drive: Breakthrough in "Warp Drive" Faster than light (FTL) Spaceship Design

Faster than light (FTL) space travel - the stuff of Science Fiction?. Recent models require a Jupiter size negative mass-energy to operate. Now R. Amoroso has solved this problem in a radical new approach called the “Holographic Wormhole Drive”.
Holographic Wormhole Drive
Holographic Wormhole Drive
May 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Skeptics say it could take 1,000 years and require a Jupiter size mass-energy source to operate superluminal or faster-than-light (FTL) warp drive spaceships. By introducing several radical new ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) class concepts Amoroso claims to solve many currently perceived problems resulting in the possibility of warpdrive technologies in the near term.
  The Alcubierre warp drive metric (considered most advanced ) was derived from Einstein’s General Relativity field equations by Miguel Alcubierre, in 1994. In the Alcubierre metric Space stretches in a wave. Space ahead of a ship contracts & space behind expands, inhabitants of the warp-bubble travel along what astrophysicists call a ‘freefall’ geodesic, not moving locally inside the bubble at FTL velocities. The major problem with this model is that it requires a negative mass-energy the size of Jupiter to operate.
  Amoroso uses a new spacetime transformation to cover the domain wall of the Alcubierre warp bubble with an array of mini-wormholes allowing the utility of an incursive oscillator for manipulating Alcubierre’s alpha and beta functions with minimal external energy input, i.e. the inherent infinite energy of the spacetime vacuum is used instead by a method of spacetime programming.
In a chapter titled "The Imanent Implementation of FTL Warp-Drive Technologies", from the new book "Orbiting the Moons of Pluto: Complex Solutions to the Einstein, Maxwell, Schrodinger and Dirac Equations", Aprll, 2011, World Scientific, Richard L. Amoroso in conjunction with his coauthor Elizabeth A. Rauscher has provided solutions to the major problems facing the Alcubierre warp-Drive metric based on principles of the Holographic Anthropic Cosmology from their 2009 volume by the same publisher: "The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse". He calls his solution a 'Holographic Figure-Ground Effect' where the 'local' free-fall Warp Bubble is separated from the holographic background by covering the domain wall of the free-fall warp-bubble with a system of mini-wormholes created by 'programming certain Calabi-Yau mirror symmetry parameters of the vacuum'. Holophote Manipulation of this figure-ground effect becomes the 'Warp factor'. By utilizing a higher dimensional (HD) form of the covariant polarized Dirac Vacuum and an associated operationally completed form of Quantum Theory the need for 'infinite exotic energy' is ameliorated by momentarily or cyclically 'borrowing' inherent vacuum energy.

Technical details can be found in Chap. 15 of Amoroso's new book: "Orbiting the Moons of Pluto: Complex Solutions to the Einstein, Maxwell, Schrodinger and Dirac Equations” published by World Scientific, 2011, ISBN-13 978-981-4324-24-3.

YouTube Links to Professor Richard L. Amoroso's Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) 2010 keynote address on Warp Drive technology can be found at:



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