Discovery Research Group Launches Social Media Research Solution

Discovery Research Group has launched a social media research solution that uses market research methods to collect and analyze multi-site social media online content. This important solution provides business answers from social media data.
April 1, 2011 - PRLog -- Discovery Research Group announces the launch of a social media research solution that will provide businesses more.  More information, more customization, and increased decision making ability through market research methods applied to social media content.  Social media content is being produced at a staggering rate.  Is your business listening to what is being said?  Then what?  Discovery Research Group's social media research solution answers the question..."Now that I have this social media content, what should I do with it?"

Between all the blogs, product comparison sites, Facebook, Twitter, ease of setting up forums, websites, communities, networks, etc. a tremendous amount of unsolicited content is being produced every day.  These sites have given customers a voice like they've never had before.  And, they are using it.  They are talking about you, but are you listening?
Traditional social media products have focused on the listening side of social media, but do not provide the science needed to take the social media content and do something with it.  These solutions provide listening capabilities in pretty, aesthetic packages, but do not provide analytical based answers.  Discovery Research Group's social media solution uses established scientific techniques, developed and evolved through decades of market research experience, to answer business questions.

Listening is not enough, action is important and Discovery Research Group's social medial solution provides the ability to act on the social media content you are presented.  Similar to many market research techniques, the following process is followed:

1.  Companies have business questions.  What are my customers saying about my products, my services, my advertising?  And, more importantly, how can I tailor my story or product to ensure that I am meeting their needs.

2.  Our solution allows you to sample for the sites most relevant to your business questions.  Sampling is important.  It eliminates the background noise and targets in on the content most relevant to your business question.

3.  Unstructured text is collected and using text mining and other analytical methods, the unstructured text is evaluated and converted to quantitative, numeric data.  

4.  Once numeric, additional analysis can be conducted on the unstructured text in a way that allows for real-world, real-time decision making and solutions.  It also gives a strong qualitative background that tells the back-story and supports these decisions.

5.  And, it can be used to support other data you are collecting, research you are conducting, and market research data you are analyzing.

Unlike standard "Social Media Listening" companies, our solution is customizable on many levels.  It can be altered to suit your business question, your branding, your label, and the key performance indicators (KPI's) that you find relevant.  Your business is unique and your uniqueness is important to you.  Your social media research solution should allow for this uniqueness and should be customizable and flexible enough to answer your unique business questions.  

Discovery Research Group's social media research solution is an important development in the market research process.  For more information, a whitepaper on the solution, or online dashboard example on what we can customize and build for your company, please see us at  The information is out there, our solution allows you to analyze it, providing us with the opportunity to guide you to informed and accurate decision making.

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With over 20 years of experience in the market research industry, Discovery Research Group has gained a reputation for assisting clients in finding research-based solutions to their business questions. See us online at, we will guide you to informed decision making.
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