Aromatherapy while driving. Does it work?

Can aromatherapy help you to focus and avoid mistakes while driving? Research shows clearly that certain essential oils have effects in your brain and help you to focus, increase your brainwaves, reduce stress, irritability and drowsiness.
Feb. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- How can the use of aromatherapy help you to drive safely? Can it? There is substantial research showing that it, in fact, can! Aromatherapy has been shown to have  clear effects to one's brain activity, alertness and focus with different herbs and plants producing different effects.

Natural-Fresh has created a product line of 100% natural air fresheners for your car - air fresheners that do not only make your car smell fresh and good, but they also help you to drive safely! How is that possible? Many essential oils have long been used to calm your mind, reduce stress, irritability, errors, and other conditions that clearly are risk factors while driving. The essential oils used in SmellThis! air fresheners are carefully chosen for the beneficial aromatherapeutic effects they possess - aromatherapy while driving simply helps you to focus and avoid mistakes - very important, especially during long road trips or driving while stressed or tired.

The essential oils used in SmellThis! air fresheners have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, drowsiness, mistakes, pain, and many other conditions that can cause driving to be difficult or even dangerous. The essential oils used increase brainwaves, help you to concentrate and focus, and reduce errors - all qualities extremely important for a driver - especially during long road trips. Here are some examples:

Cinnamon is commonly used in aromatherapy as a physical and emotional stimulant. It has been shown to reduce drowsiness, irritability, and pain. Research shows that the aroma of cinnamon in the room helped participants to concentrate and perform better. The oil is commonly used to relax tight muscles and to ease pain. Cinnamon aromatherapy is wonderful for use during long trips or while driving when tired, stressed, or under pressure.

International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc., a research and development corporation in New Jersey, USA, found in it's research that Eucalyptus increases a persons energy level. Eucalyptus provides excellent aromatherapy during driving - it helps you to stay alert and focus. There is no better essential oil for your car, especially during long trips to help you to concentrate!

In a research study that included several different aromatherapy oils, Lavender was found to be the most effective at relaxing brain-waves, and in relieving stress. In a study performed by International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. Lavender oil used to scent an office reduced worker errors by close to 25%!  For those qualities, Lavender is used in in all SmellThis! air fresheners - there simply is no better essential oil to help you focus and avoid mistakes while driving!

Jasmine has a calming, sedative effect on the nervous system. It is commonly used to treat jangled nerves, headaches, insomnia, and even depression. Jasmine is also often used to relieve the emotional edge of PMS and menopause. However, this essential oil is not only for women - Toho University School of Medicine in Tokyo in its research shows clearly the effect of Jasmine in enhancing mental alertness and ability to stimulate brainwaves. Studies have also shown that it reduced mistakes made by computer operators by 30%!  What essential oil would be better to use while driving? Who wouldn't want to reduce mistakes when driving by 30%?

These are only a few examples of the plants used in SmellThis! car air fresheners - there are numerous others that possess effects as beneficial as these mentioned here. For more information, please visit

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SmellThis! is a line of 100% natural air fresheners for your car. Only the best essential oils are used to create a fresh, enjoyable scent in your car - and a moment of aromatherapy while you drive to help you focus and enjoy your drive! Numerous studies show the effect of different plants, herbs, and essential oils in our mind and body - some reduce stress, mistakes, drowsiness, irritability, when others increase brainwaves and help you focus. The essential oils we use are carefully chosen for their aromatherapeutic abilities - to create an enjoyable, fresh scent in your car while helping you to focus, concentrate, and drive safely!

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