Egyptians Face Live Ammunition: Hosni Mubarak Orders Army To Fire On Protesters To Begin Monday

The violence and destruction is being done by criminals escaped from prisons, not Egyptian protesters. Mobarak using this to bolster support for and to justify use of deadly force against protesters.
By: Fatima Thompson
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Jan. 30, 2011 - PRLog -- Egyptians Face Live Ammunition: Hosni Mubarak Orders Army To Fire On Protesters To Begin Monday

Sunday, January 30, 2011 – 9:15pm

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I answered the phone today and was met with a frantic, urgent, breathless voice coming from Egypt.

The voice pleaded with me to convey an urgent message the American public.

I was told emphatically that the violence, looting and crimes in Egypt is not being committed by the average citizen of Egypt, they are not being committed by those who are protesting, peacefully.

These criminal acts are being committed by prisoners who have escaped from the federal prisons. The extent of the violence committed by them is evidenced by the complete disappearance of the police on the street, now. The citizens are left to protect themselves. The citizens of Egypt are forming community watch groups, wearing white bands on their arms to identify themselves, to protect the property, homes and families in their neighborhoods against the onslaughts of the escapees and their criminal mischief.

It must be understood that President Obama spoke publicly calling for Hosni Mubarak to allow the people of Egypt to protest peacefully. This is exactly what the people did once they heard these encouraging words from the leader of our nation. However, the antics of the escaped criminals has made it appear that it is the protesters, the average citizen of Egypt, that is committing acts which destabilizes neighborhoods through loss of life, property and services.

Hosni Mubarak has taken advantage of the violence on the streets committed by escaped criminals and the perception that the destruction is coming from the protesters, the average Egyptian, to bolster his position against his people and to justify oppressing the people by cutting off internet, cell phone and even television coverage – Al Jazeerah English broadcast has been disrupted thereby stranding English speaking people from understanding the latest news.

This crackdown on communication and information is beginning to have serious effects. Visitors to Egypt are becoming stranded as they are unable to access funds either directly from banking institutions or by money transfer services such as Western Union. For those companies in the US whose factories or head offices are in Egypt business transactions have come to a screeching halt.

To make matters worse, there are individuals and organizations around the world who, in their misguided attempt to slant the world against Muslims as a group, are calling for violence against the protesters stating, specifically, “…That should prove enough to cripple Mubarak's attempts to stay in power--which could only succeed through the ruthless willingness to show the mob a "whiff of grapeshot.” Inflammatory words of this sort which incite such action as described must absolutely be avoided in the public forum so that we can avoid a tragic outcome such as what we’ve witnessed with the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona along with other victims. A friend and colleague in activism, Jeffrey Imm, discussed this disturbing trend very well in his dispatch of today.

The people protesting in Egypt are not thugs or criminals. They are a people oppressed under a corrupt regime for far too long and are uniting together in a single desire to be freed from the bond of corruption and oppression.

“There are Egyptians, like the hospitable sales person in this story, who migrate to the United States in their quest to live the "American Dream", but for those Egyptians who remain behind in their home country, they can only dream of a day when they can invest their energy trying to reach their potential in science, the arts, sports, and culture, rather than not trying to fight oppression and simply survive. Egyptians know what they are capable of; they just want a chance to prove it, once again, to themselves and to the world.” (courtesy of Aishah Schwartz – quoted here with permission).


As I finish this article I received another desperate call to tell me that PressTV is running an announcement that Hosni Mubarak has ordered the army to fire on protesters.

The police have shed their uniforms and are actually supervising the escaped criminals as they continue to burn buildings and cars, loot stores and homes and terrorize the community. This is fueling suspicion that the prisoners were let out of the prisons purposely and that they are being allowed to wreak havoc as part of Mubaraks attempt to control the people and slant the narrative against the people of Egypt.

The caller expressed concerns that as all phone communication had been cut off before that it will be cut off again.

There were 150 thousand protesters in Alexandria today and Port Said, Suez and El-Arish are like war zones.


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Jeffrey Imm – President, Responsible For Equality And Liberty /

Aisha Schwartz – President, Muslimah Writer’s Alliance /

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