Jail Guide to release Federal Prison Sentence Calculator iPhone app March 2011

JailGuide.com announces new iPhone app for the Federal Prison Sentence Calculator to be unveiled in late March 2011
By: Pete Maxwell
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Dec. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- Jail Guide has announced the upcoming launch of a new prison sentence calculator for the iPhone. The application is set for release in March 2011, and will deal primarily with federal prison sentencing guidelines.

Two versions of the Prison Sentence Calculator will be released. The smaller calculator simply determines good time credit earned in the federal and state prison system. The larger iPhone calculator will be primarily a Federal Guidelines Sentence Calculator offering more information as it pertains to federal charges and fines.

While the smaller iPhone app for the Prison Sentence Calculator will be available at no cost the larger federal version is still being considered at no cost but the developers are not sure at this time.  Although, the older flash style calculator is still in use and available at no cost on http://www.JailGuide.com/prisonsentencecalculator.html

When asked about the delay in the release of the iPhone app the sites owner, Peter Maxwell stated that H.R. 1475 - Federal Prison Work Incentive Act which is still sitting in the house (and will probably be lame ducked) will make a large difference in how the prison sentence calculator operates. “If HR 1475 is instituted, hopefully, this will change the algorithm considerably” states Maxwell.

The flash style Prison Sentence Calculator used on the JailGuide.com website can be found at http://www.jailguide.com/goodtime_calculator.php. This current prison sentence calculator can be embedded in any website and is especially helpful for law firms and bail bond companies to use on their sites at no cost.

Jail Guide provides the embed code free of charge for its Federal Prison and State Prison Sentence Good Time Calculator – Earned Good Time Calculator. All website owners must do is enter the embed code on their websites. It’s easy to use and an array of information can be entered, including time served, date of surrender and whether the inmate is incarcerated in a state or federal facility.

The Federal prison calculator allows a person to enter their prison sentence information and receive an automatic calculation of the “possible” good time credit they could receive while in prison for good time earned. Good time credit will take days, weeks, months or even years off a prison sentence. It’s a valuable tool that can be used as an incentive for those facing jail or prison sentences. With something to look forward to, inmates may be motivated to do better when they discover how much time can be reduced from their sentence.

JailGuide.com is the premiere website for inmates, soon to be inmates, their families and the victims of crime. The site has the largest and most comprehensive database of jails and prisons in the world. Penal facility listings are available for the U.S., as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico. An inmate search can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Inmates are often transferred to other facilities with little or no warning, and no way to advise their families of the relocation. The site helps families monitor and keep track of friends and family who are incarcerated. The website is also a welcome tool for crime victims, providing them with an easy means of knowing where criminals are located and when they’re going to be released.

In addition to the inmate search and earned good time calculator, Jail Guide provides a wide array of crucial information for inmates and their families. The site explains prison security levels, federal sentencing guidelines, and how to send money to an inmate. Also explored is Residential Drug Abuse Programs (RDAP), sending mail to inmates and visitation rules at different facilities. The site contains tools, utilities, answers, videos and visitor information on how prisons work and how to navigate such unknown territory.

Of special interest is the guide, “How to Survive in Prison and Jail.” This 144-page survival manual explains to those new to the jail system what to do and what not to do. Written by a former inmate for inmates, the guide explores all facets of the system. Topics include how not to be a victim and who to avoid, and unravels the maze of written – and unwritten – rules for inmates all the way to being paroled and staying out. The latter hopes of this book is to reduce recidivism. The jail guide is only available as a digital download from the website.

Jail Guide offers information that can’t be found anywhere else. The website provides valuable information for inmates and families on how to navigate the mysteries of the penal system and offers victims a means of keeping track of those who have injured them.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.JailGuide.com


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www.JailGuide.com provides a free inmate search system and prison inmate locator. Providing advertising for attorneys, bail bonding, bail bondsmen and other in the criminal law field. Also provided free of charge is the Prison Sentence Calculator which determines prison sentence length based on "good time credit". This calculator is available to be embedded on legal and bail bond sites at no cost.
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