Jail Guide announces new State Prison Sentence Calculator for most US State DOC

JailGuide.com is now offering the State Prison Sentence Calculator. What began as a site to find inmates and do free inmate searches now includes a state prison sentence calculator that includes most state prisons and state DOC.
By: Pete Maxwell
Sept. 21, 2010 - PRLog -- JailGuide.com has announced the addition of an all-new State Prison Sentence Calculator that utilizes algorithms directly from most state prison systems. The prison sentence calculator can tell you how long a prisoner will be incarcerated and how much good time credit they could possibly earn while incarcerated and even suggest a possible prison release date.

The Jail Guide Prison Sentence Calculator may soon be the most widely used prison sentence calculator available online.  The creator of the calculator, Peter Maxwell, is now offering the calculator to law firms and bail bond companies the use of the prison sentence calculator at no charge for use on their websites. http://www.JailGuide.com

The Jail Guide State Prison Sentence Calculator works by first, entering the state where the conviction occurred. The user would then enter the date of possible surrender (if applicable), any time already served and then finally the amount of the prison sentence.
The idea came to Maxwell when talking with a friend who was concerned about when a person was eligible for release from a penitentiary. Maxwell then figured the time by hand and then realized a need for this simple application that could be used by parents and family of prisoners but also to victims of crime.

The prison sentence calculator is extremely easy to use, and if visitors do have problems, the site contains a link that will take them to detailed instructions (http://www.jailguide.com/calculatehelp.php).

Along with being able to use the calculator on law blogs, bail bond websites and other legelese type sites, those website owners may soon be able to add their own link to the calculator to help their clients navigate their site. At this time, website owners in the legal profession can simply embed the calculator directly onto their sites with a special code.

JailGuide.com also maintains a comprehensive database of prisons all over the world. In the U.S., the database includes all Department of Corrections, Federal Board of Prisons, state prisons, county jails, work camps, honor farms and boot camps. Also included are prison facilities in Mexico, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Korea, Japan, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and more are being added to the database weekly.

Maxwell has also compiled a variety of tools and utilities to aid visitors find an inmate, tips for navigating the system, and information on how penal facilities work. He’s included links to inmate handbooks, visitor guides and information, tutorials, and prison videos. To find inmate prisons on the site, an included inmate search feature has also been built.

JailGuide also offers an instant download of the prison survival guide, “How to Survive in Prison and Jail.” Going to jail is a frightening and traumatic experience, but the publication provides numerous tips, advice and information for new prisoners on what to do, what not to do, how not to become a victim and a comprehensive glossary of prison slang.

JailGuide.com is a comprehensive guide to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about specific prisons and jails, what to expect before you’re sentenced and how to survive. No one wants to go to jail, but if you, a friend or loved one find themselves in that situation, the JailGuide website and guide to prison will help you cope with what is undoubtedly one of the most trying times of your life. Maxwells mantra is “…give the officers all the boring they can handle, do your time quietly, get out and fly right.”

You’ll find more information on how to find inmates or how to calculate a prison sentence using the JailGuide.com State Prison Sentence Calculator at: http://www.JailGuide.com/goodtime_calculator.php

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