New Application Tells Where in the World its 420 at any Given Time

Its 420 Somewhere is a new iPhone app that tells you where in the world it's 4:20 at any given time and then hooks you up with some dope info on the locale. Stoners have never needed an excuse to get high. But it doesn’t hurt to have one.
By: Buddha Island Films
Oct. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Stoners have never needed an excuse to get high. But it doesn’t hurt to have one.

420 symbolizes a brief halt in time when stoners take a second - or two, or a nap - to reflect on the changing world around them. While puffing on a fat J, of course.

This undying display of pot patriotism that first sparked up forty years ago in California is now a celebrated ritual shared by millions daily. So now you know where all the cool kids have gone skipping off to around quarter past four.

Diehard tokers’ allegiance towards 420 has truly gone global with the introduction of Its 420 Somewhere App for iPhone. Postponing your daily gravity bong session until its 420 local time is no longer your only option:  Just click on Its 420 Somewhere and smoke up! ‘cause chances are its 420 somewhere on this big whacky planet. Hell, the Earth’s rotation guarantees it!

And it doesn’t matter if you get the Its 420 Somewhere iPhone App as a conversation starter (“Did you know that it’s 420 in Pyongyang, North Korea right now? Dude, I hear they eat dog!”) or ‘cause you’re just plain tired of only talking about new Doritos flavors during bake time, there’s something on Its 420 Somewhere for everyone who holds reefer near and dear to their heart.

Its 420 Somewhere is the brainchild of a world-travelling herb buff. “I was in Asia, going from Thailand and Cambodia to Hong Kong, Laos, then Burma, and the Philippines,” he says. “And everywhere I went, all these countries, I always noticed 420 on a clock. The idea hit me instantly: make an iPhone App that tells people where in the world its 420 at any given time.”

The stoner has evolved from a sullied, mud-sloshing hippy into corporate giants, US Olympic heroes and Hollywood hotshots. This modern hippy carries with them more than bus fare, an apple and a map of state parks: they carry smart phones and a thirst for knowledge. Having Its 420 Somewhere on your iPhone is like having your very own local Tour Guide to destinations around the globe no one has ever heard of. Until now.

Its 420 Somewhere gives you an around-the-world adventure from the safety of the alley behind your office, not to mention a killer excuse to get blitzed: “Hey, it might only be 8:20 am here, but in Iceland its 420! Let’s get high!”

Visit to order Its 420 Somewhere, or find it on your iPhone App store.

Do it before you get high. We don’t want you to forget.

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