Glass Projection Screen will add to your Retail attraction and create a BUZZ

The future is now with Retail Storefront Displays going digital, turn a piece or all of your storefront into Digital Signage without the big bulky frame; stick a piece of projection film to your glass window and let the attraction begin!
Adhesive Rear Projection Film for Glass Surfaces
Adhesive Rear Projection Film for Glass Surfaces
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Oct. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Adhesive Rear Projection Films are available in 3 Colors to suit your needs - White, Dark and Clear. These self adhesive window tint like films apply to any clear surface and transform them into a state of the art digital display surface.

Your glass almost instantly becomes a the best advertisement you have; you can even add this to your existing marketing efforts to create a stunning bait for consumers to be attracted to. Anything that you can send to your TV you can send to this display system including DVD, Digital signage Players, HD, Satellite Signals, Corporate Videos, etc.

We offer a variety of sizes to make it quick and easy to get setup; everything will ship straight to you in 1-2 days ensuring on time completion of your project.

These incredible projection film surfaces work with any projector; you can even use one that you may have already. With seamless sizes up to 122" Widescreen you now have the ability to really create an impact in your local market; no longer will you blend in and be just another retailer -you will be the retailer with "that awesome window display" that will be talked about and the word will spread.

In today's society it is essential to create a buzz and go viral with your brand; give people a reason to talk about you - add a projection film to your storefront windows to add some sizzle.

Transparent Projection Film - Intrigue

Clear Holographic Projection

Intrigue adhesive rear projection film is colorless or transparent and gives a holographic and floating image effect on any glass or acrylic surface with a simple and effective application process. Intrigue maintains wide viewing angles and impressively bright images while giving a next generation look and feel to any content.

Floating Image

Intrigue's revolutionary design features allow for standard projectors and content to be displayed on clear/transparent surfaces providing floating images and a holographic display.

Intrigue gives you freedom to design and install, with no specific projection angle required and the ability to work with off the shelf projectors, Intrigue provides freedom in creating the next generation of displays.
Total Flexibility

Intrigue can be applied to any glass or acrylic surface with our built in adhesives and comes in seamless sizes up to 122” 16:9. Intrigue projection film provides designers and dreamers the ability to create the displays of tomorrow... Today.

Ultra Bright Projection Film - White

Accent adhesive rear projection film applies to any glass or acrylic surface and yields ultra bright images in any environment. The Accent projection film has been used in direct sunlight applications.

Accent is a white projection film with a high level of transmittance making it very bright. The Accent projection film requires no specific projection angle.

The Accent rear projection film surface accepts your static images or video and shows it in stunning high definition fashion. Accent projection film can be coupled with tinted glass or acrylic to create stunning high contrast displays.

This adhesive rear projection screen comes in large sizes up to 122” 16:9 and can be tiled to make larger displays.

Bright -
Accent Projection Film will make a low lumen projector look amazing but will also accept ultra bright projectors without hot spotting or losing viewing angles. Use accent with short throw lenses and mirror rigs and count on Accent projection films working perfectly every time.

The Accent rear projection film screen by Screen Solutions works very well in environments where the brightness of the screen can truly be seen. If you have tinted glass, use the Accent film screen to combat direct sunlight. It can also be used with tinted acrylic or glass panels to create very bright, high contrast displays.

Dark Contrast Projection Film - Definition

Go Large

Definition rear projection film can be applied to any glass or acrylic surface with our built in adhesives and is available in large seamless sizes up to 122" 16:9 and 100" 4:3 giving you a wide selection of sizes and aspect ratios to choose from. Definition film can be tiled to make larger displays.

Interactive options are available and can be incorporated into any application utilizing rear projection films; simply apply a thin touch screen and then apply your projection film onto the touch film. This thru glass touch screen solution and projection film can transform any storefront into an interactive digital display
General Applications

   * Retail windows
   * Lobbies
   * Museums
   * Kiosks
   * Tradeshow displays
   * Corporate briefing centers
   * Tradeshow displays
   * Digital signage

High Contrast

The Definition film gives you rich, deep and bold color representation adding contrast and aiding your projector in delivering your content in stunning fashion. Definition film can be used in unrestricted lighting while maintaining its color and brightness. Definition projection film is being used in tradeshows and retail windows regularly as well as POP and DOOH displays.

Shapes and Designs
Definition film can be cut into shapes and designs by our shop and on staff personnel or you can cut your own design and shapes at will. Definition film will not be affected by even extreme designs or patterns and will apply normally.

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