San Diego Seniors Enjoy a Lifetime of Fitness and Vitality through Improved Movement

Senior independent living focused on aging in place with improved fitness and vitality is being achieved through movement classes by San Diego ABM practitioner Margie Murnan.
Movement Lessons Seniors
Movement Lessons Seniors
Sept. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- Aging in place is a new term more people will become familiar with. It encompasses a lifestyle where more baby boomers and older adults transition their home and lifestyle to accommodate changing needs as they get older all while allowing for an active, healthy lifestyle.

It used to be when a person thought about caring for the elderly or ‘exercise for old people’ the images that would come to mind are those of people sitting around in wheel chairs, unable to care for themselves in a nursing home.

Today, that image and mindset of aging has changed.  In San Diego, the abundance of great choices for healthy foods, progressive thinking about aging along with beautiful weather and opportunity to live and remain active year round is raising the bar when it comes to the mobility, vitality and wellbeing of San Diego Seniors.

Local Movement Specialist, Margie Murnan, founder of Lessons in Motion, teaches San Diego seniors and families that are caring for elderly that seniors can enjoy a lifetime of fitness and vitality through learning improved movement.

Murnan explains “The body is designed to move. When the body becomes sedentary, or often ‘locked’ due to non use of the skeleton, muscles, and all the connecting parts, we slowly break down.  Disease and pain set in which causes a never ending cycle of non movement.  Movement is vital to helping pump the blood, move the lymph, remove the toxins that build up along with carry oxygen to all our parts for continued growth.”

She continues “Over time, when people feel pain, they slow down and reduce their movement thinking it will make the pain go away. This is actually the opposite of what happens. Most of the time, we get pain due to improper movement.  Science has discovered how we should move structurally in order to have strength and stability. Unfortunately, most people are never taught HOW to move safely, for maximum freedom and ease without pain. That is, until now!”

People who receive movement lessons from Murnan, often discover immediate relief from their pain.  When her students continue to learn new patterns of movement, and then apply these new habits of moving in their daily life and work environment, often their dramatic results become permanent. In many cases, students of the Anat Baniel Method Movement Lessons can even avoid surgery.

Caretakers of elderly people are also benefitting from learning how to move the seniors they care for.  When both the caretaker and the senior themselves see and learn the proper way to move, many things in their life change.

Pain often goes away, surgeries are avoided, moods are lifted, daily activities become easier and hobbies that once were the norm are brought back into the lifestyle of the senior.

Murnan states: “I’ve helped clients prevent knee surgeries and get rid of knee pain.   I have seen that the problem may not even be with the knees themselves but how someone can be unaware of how they limit movement both above and below the knee".  

“My students get relief from arthritis pain and stiffness without drugs. This means they are able to do enjoyable activities they thought they would never be able to do again such as gardening and hiking.”

She is most excited to share “People are told they will shrink as they age.  Not if they do this work!  I have had clients go for a physical exam and the doctor is shocked to find they are 1/2 inch - 1 inch taller.  Clients frequently comment that they feel way taller after the lesson.   It is surprising to them how quickly they can see changes!”

Word of Murnan’s movement classes and lessons are quickly spreading through out San Diego.  Margie is a certified Anat Baniel Method Practitioner. Unlike regular exercise techniques that attempt to stretch, increase range of motion, or loosen the muscles in the painful area, the Anat Baniel Method movement lessons taught by Murnan, teach the client how to change the underlying neuro-muscular patterns that causes stiffness, degeneration and lack of mobility.

With the Anat Baniel Method we change how we are moving within our environment so that we stop harming ourselves.

When asked how this approach to senior independent living and lessons for pain relief works, Murnan explains: “This cutting edge approach is based in the understanding of how the brain forms patterns of posture and movement -- good and bad ones.  It is based on the breakthrough discovery that poorly organized movement and limiting beliefs are the most common causes of pain. Since it is the brain that organizes movement, these Lessons are designed to provide your brain with the information and experiences it needs in order to form new, pain free patterns and solutions.”

For more information on the Anat Baniel Method Movement Lessons from Margie Murnan, visit:

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