How Churches & Charities Get Hustled Everyday

While non-profits are leasing color copiers to print their own newsletters, bulletins and mailers inhouse, they have no idea how much money they are giving away. But a newly released buyer's guide, aims to end all that.
By: Robert McDaniel
Sept. 15, 2010 - PRLog -- Memphis, TN – If your organization has a copier, you probably got hustled.  Even if you got the sales rep to drop his price, if he knows what he’s doing, he will still walk away with pockets full of cash.  Brady Spencer knows because he and his team of consumer advocates have interviewed dozens of copier reps and sales trainers about how they get a ton of profit from each and every copier deal - even with non-profits!

“Now I don’t think making a profit is a sin or anything at all to be guilty about” says Brady Spencer, author of the new book Hustlewise: Insiders Expose the Tricks to the Copier Trade, “but its high time that someone helps out these copier buyers from getting taken! We heard stories of reps banking sometimes up to $5000 or $10,000 on larger churches and charities – just because they knew the game better.  Those are precious donated dollars in times like these!”

Brady is giving away his new easy-to-skim ebook for FREE to all non-profits who contact him directly via email.  The brief buyer's guide is like a playbook, spelling out exactly how the copier reps will come at you and what counter-moves you need to take to get the best deal.  He boasts that his book can save you $5,000+ over the lifetime of the copier lease and service agreement.  “Besides that” he adds, “it is so much fun to watch your sales rep squirm and stumble and walk away demoralized and beaten at his own game.

About Brady & HustlewiseBrady leads a team of consumer advocates who have interviewed dozens of copier reps and sales trainers.  Now he is exposing all of the insider tricks, traps and gotcha’s that copier reps use to walk away with a BOATLOAD of commissions – whether it’s a small business with just one copier/printer in the corner, or it’s a multi-national company with thousands of machines spread out across the world.  

“There are so many little tricks and shell games to play,” Brady explains, “that even if the customer gets the sales rep to drop his price, if the rep knows what to do, he can still make a killing!  How else do you explain 25 year olds making $100,000 right out of college?”  

In the easy-to-skim buyer's guide, Hustlewise: Insiders Expose the Tricks to the Copier Trade, decision-makers (CEO’s, CFO’s, IT professionals, office managers or small business owners) will finally have a solid defense against all of the schemes and rhetoric and misdirection that reps throw at them when it comes time to finalize the deal.

A Few of the Secrets that the Book Boasts:
Price Tricks  
•     The 22 Closely-Guarded Secrets to Get Your Copier & Service Prices Even Lower

•   The Critical Mistakes When Buying Copiers That Even “Sophisticated” Corporate Buyers Make

•   The 2 Terms Will Save or Waste $7,500 Over the Lifetime of the Service Contract

•   The 17 Must-Know Rules for Saving $1000's On Toner Alone (A Copier/Printers’ Biggest Expense)

Leasing Tricks  
•   The Most Profitable Kind of Proposal That The Rep Will Give You & Which Kind You Want

•   The Tricky, "Gotcha" Clauses in the Lease & Service Contracts That Trap You Into Paying More

•   The 9 Steps to LEGALLY Breaking a Bad Copier Lease (This Is Worth the Book Alone!)

Service Tricks  
•   The 24 Things to Demand From Your Service Team That No One Ever Tells You About

•   How to Spot the Weaknesses of Your Local Dealerships So You Don’t “Marry” A Bad One For 5 Yrs

•      How to Save Thousands a Year (Yes, $1,000’s) on Your Color Prints

•   All the FREE Software that Most Dealerships Never Install & Don’t Want You To Know About

The book can be purchased at for about what you’d pay to take Brady to a nice lunch to pick his brain for some tips.  

Contact Brady Spencer at

Alternative Titles & Angles For This ArticleThe Fun of Beating Your Copier Rep At His Own Game
Get the Best of Your Copier Rep Before He Gets the Best of You
Copier Sales Tricks Exposed!
How Churches & Charities Get Hustled Everyday:Confessions of a Copier Rep
Swimming with the Copier Sharks
Copier Reps Sound Off As An Ex-Reps Confess All The Dirty Little Secrets
The Man Every Copier Dealer Hates
Copier Dealers Target Whistleblowers Who Tells All
Copier Dealers Fire Upon Ex-Reps Who Airs All Their Dirty Laundry

Ideas for Localization & Personalization1) Ask some of your local copier dealership owners what they think of the book, or the idea of the book.  
2) Ask an office manager, purchaser, IT Guy, CEO, CFO, or small business owner in your town how helpful and FUN it would be to have a playbook like this – to know the moves of their sales rep before he event makes them and what counter-moves to use to beat ‘em at their own game!
3) Request a free copy of the book and give it to a few charities or business owners to see how much they can save – and how FUN it is – if they used the advice in the book for themselves!

Additional Profile InfoHustlewise: Insiders Expose The Tricks to the Copier Trade. A one-of-a-kind, easy-to-skim, 62 page strategic buyer's guide for those looking to get the upper hand in their next copier deal. Ex-copier reps confess all.  Its an easy read, will save readers thousands and its a blast to tell the story of how your copier rep stumbled all over himself because he didn't know what was coming at him. Get the best of your rep before he gets the best of you!

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Hustlewise: Insiders Expose The Tricks to the Copier Trade. A strategic buyer's guide for leasing a copier. A ex-copier reps confess all! Its an easy read, will save readers thousands and you can get the best of your rep before he gets the best of you!

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