Copier Sales Tricks Exposed

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to beat your sales rep at his own game? Now you can. The newly released Hustlewise, the strategic buyer's guide for those looking to lease a multi-function printer or copier, spells it all out!
By: Robert McDaniel
Aug. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- The ebook, Hustlewise has just been released and is already creating a buzz in the office equipment industry. It's set to be one of the best buyer's guides of the decade.

In his newly released strategic buyer’s guide, Hustlewise - Brady Spencer, exposes all the "Tricks of the Copier Trade." He has been the national sales trainer for a major dealership for years.  Now he has left and confesses all of his secrets!  

Thought just released, it is already creating a buzz in the office equipment industry.  It's set to be one of the best buyer's guides of the decade.  What CEO, CFO, IT guy, purchaser and office manager would not want to get their hands on this!? The blogs and articles are already causing quite a fuss as Brady really digs in deep and reveals some hidden "gotcha's" that have long plagued anyone who's ever signed a copier lease!

Brady gives away 27 of his secrets for FREE (a $8500 value) on his website, and then the rest of the $12,000 in secrets he spells out in an easy-to-skim, 62 page PDF ebook, which can be purchased on his site for $97.  

"I walk my readers step-by-step through the sales cycle. I give them both a strategy and all of the What-To-Say-And-Do tactics to get the best machine with the best service and best lease terms for a ridiculously low price. They simply can’t beat the advice I’m offering and you cannot find this insider-type wisdom anywhere else!" Brady explains.  "The blogs and reviews sites are burning up with positive comments and its just a hoot watching all these insiders mad at me and then seeing how relieved the consumers are to FINALLY have some ammo to fight back against these sales tactics!"

Think How Much FUN It Would Be To Get The Best Of Your Sales Rep
Ken, a UPS Store owner in Pennsylvania says, “Brady takes the fear out of the unknown and gives you 'their' play book. The poor sales rep didn’t even see it coming! It feels so great to ace the test, to be so prepared, to know all the answers, and then sign those documents with sheer and utter confidence."

Brady has no issues with the copier industry.  "It was a fun ride," he says, "but now I've left and am sharing the secrets." After consulting a few friends when they were buying a copier, he realized that he could share the info with the rest of the world, "saving a bunch of businesses a bunch of money!"  The best part is that he is giving 100% of the revenues of his book to a local non-profit, as well as giving the book away for FREE to all 501c3's.

Think How Much MONEY You’ll Save Instead of Getting Taken!
“I expose, one-at-a-time, all the undisclosed secrets that the big name copier brands, the local copier dealers & the shady lease companies DON'T want you to know about."  Brady continues, "You'll be skeptical at first, but if you take the chance - this little PDF will save our company more than you can calculate!”

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Hustlewise: An Insider Exposes The Tricks to the Copier Trade. A strategic buyer's guide for those leasing a copier. An ex-copier rep confesses all! Its an easy read & will save you THOUSANDS! Get the best of your rep before he gets the best of you!

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