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The treadmill is the most popular piece of equipment and seems to adorn most homes as a glorified coat rack. The following are 4 Team Fitness America ideas of what to buy that will actually be a great investment and what you will get the most use of.
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Aug. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- From “the ski machine” to “the ab roller”, we have seen exercise equipment come into stores and quickly leave only to be replaced by the newest or latest craze in “essential” workout gear. As consumers we have the duty of sifting through all the brands, styles and types of exercise equipment while deciphering what works and what doesn’t for us specifically. All while keeping price and storage space in mind.

For those of us that are self proclaimed couch potatoes, it can be difficult to figure out what pieces might complete a good home gym or what pieces might simply work for just our body type. The treadmill is the most popular piece of equipment and seems to adorn most homes as a glorified coat rack. As consumers we spend all that money on a piece of equipment only to let it sit and collect dust. The other issue that we have is where to store the equipment when it is not in use. A treadmill or universal gym is big and bulky while taking up space. Plus, if you travel, you are forced to leave it behind to collect dust and taunt you when you return. The following are 4 Team Fitness America ideas of what to buy that will actually be a great investment and what you will get the most use of.

4. Stability Ball (Investment - $29.99 Target) - An air filled stability ball is a great investment that you can use for everything from balance to weight lifting. You can do crunches, chest press, shoulder press (in combination with resistance bands or weights), Pilates, core workouts, and squats on the wall. You can target balance specific exercises and even get a full cardio rhythm workout. By making the stability ball the core of your home gym setup, you will develop a total body workout through a combination of resistance based exercises, cardio, balance, and flexibility from just one inexpensive piece of equipment. An added bonus is that this ball deflates for easy storage, packing and can also double as a chair if you sit at the computer for long periods of time (think better posture and more core-building support work while you are sitting).      

3. Resistance Bands (Investment - $12.99-$39.99 Sports Authority) - With bands being essential for any home fitness or traveling program, they vary in resistance for all levels and you can buy up to 5 in a box. If you live in a flat, studio or small apartment these are the staple points and foundation of your home gym system. If you travel for work or pleasure and don’t want the hassle of dealing with locating where the local gyms are to pay a daily use fee, throw these bands into your suitcase and off you go. You can do various exercises ranging from bicep curls to chest press (with stability ball), shoulder extensions, back and lat pull downs (using the door frame), lunges, triceps extensions and even assisted stretching and balancing for yoga and Pilates. You can use the bands alone or assisted with a partner workout and you can even throw them in as a circuit training station in place of weights.          

2. Weights (Investment – Varies) - For those of us that are into toning and gaining muscle, a good set of block weights is a great investment, but skip the weight benches and plate loaded machines that run in into the thousands of dollars. The easiest to store, carry and most economical for limited space is the “Power Block Dumbbell’. These run about $250-$300 for a brand new set and can be a great investment if you must have weights, skip the added extras like a bench, mats or stands and you will keep the cost low. Use your stability ball as the bench to work your core muscles and your targeted muscles. With a set of good weights you will be able to adjust them for yourself as you find the need for added resistance. You can do all the traditional exercises with half the space needed and simply slide them under the bed or in the closet when done.

1. In Home Personal Trainer - The best and most convenient way to get fit at home is to buy personal training lessons from a certified, qualified in home personal trainer. Why waste your time on expensive boring equipment when you can get a great personal trainer to show you how to execute the proper exercises using the above equipment. If you do not want to buy any equipment, then a personal trainer from a company like Team Fitness America will come to you and bring the equipment making it so that you do not need to buy any on your own. No storing equipment, no dust collecting equipment, they come to you, work you out and leave with all of the equipment. They can even show you body weight exercises and cardio exercises that require no equipment and generate fantastic results.

We all have the cousin or family member that swears by their treadmill, but it may really not work for you. Besides, who pays to walk? You can walk for free outside or when it is cold simply follow one of the great programs that your in home personal trainer helped you develop for continuing results. Skip the expensive treadmill, get a few pieces of portable, storable equipment and hire the personal trainer to show you how to use it.

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Team Fitness America offers a wide variety of home based fitness services, such as personal trainers, yoga instruction, Pilates programs, bridal fitness, weight loss, and much more. Team Fitness America's personal trainers are all nationally certified.
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