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Of course around PC games in one form or another for a long time, but it is doomed to tinker in casual gamers and Bejeweled to hard-core nerds willing to handle their processor clock speeds, as some analysts have suggested?
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July 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Will Kill PC Gaming?
PC vs. Console: Looking Ahead
introduces the next generation consoles, one of the most dynamic debates in video games in the days running around the platform go to war. What is the high-end gaming, it is clear that consoles have a growing appeal to both gamers and developers. The PC gaming market does not look nearly as good health, although it difficult to identify because it is such a wide range of products and revenue models. Many sales do not include money through digital distribution, subscription and transaction costs microphone. However, if you save a game today in force, you will likely have much less room for PC games are a console and a turnover of triple-A titles are probably PC. http://2010pcgames.wordpress.com/

Of course around PC games in one form or another for a long time, but it is doomed to tinker in casual gamers and Bejeweled to hard-core nerds willing to handle their processor clock speeds, as some analysts have suggested? Or is there already, how many console gamers proposed?

The sad state of PC hardware
Curiously, although the game probably push technology curve and, more than any other type of application, hardware manufacturers are partly responsible for the conduct of the player console. Not that the chips fast enough or cheap enough, that's what they have a much better job for their products do in classfying how consumers can easily understand. Many people still look on a computer, and you will see a box with a few plugs on the back. What they need is a simple way to determine which system functions and possibilities for improvement, without hearing a few minutes from the technical mumbo jumbo that means nothing to lead them out of ten employees, it is often still wrong. http://pc-games-2010.blogspot.com/

What people understand, quite clearly is the price. This led to the integration of the various components on the motherboard at a price, ideal for those seeking to deepen reduce desktop application was introduced led, but it's another layer of confusion for the players. Integrated graphics solutions and motherboards notoriusly bad for games that they use often do not have AGP or PCIe, so you have a good graphics card is not an option. shows, however, if they can promote pride in the packaging that the system has Intel Integrated Graphics, "it is not surprising that some people consider that a good thing. How many persons in a household, not knows how to receive, It also updated to be run graphically demanding games? If you get the laptop offer, it issues a large number of PCs that it is not the task of 3D games lately.

This brings me to the question: Why is there so little budget PC games on the market? It seems that the game "is a synonym for" expensive ". I know a PC game can run more than originally planned, only for e-mail, but you should not spend thousands of dollars. As long as you not too much. expect that the parts were actually very encouraging, as many players to build and improve their own systems, while some of us like that kind of stuff is a lot for people who play want to ask.

The fear of upgrades
Unlike the consoles, PC technology is not only still remain between the generations. The material is stronger and played consistently for more demanding non-stop. Therefore, many players feel they need a new system every year or two. In fact, you can the life of a PC game much longer than the extension by changing the video card or adding some RAM, but even then, if the age of your system, you are probably on the lowest graphics settings.
I think people would be easier if the hardware manufacturers are not so eager to reinvent the slots, while the industry to find in life. I know people who want to replace their cards, but they have motherboards with AGP slots, and they do not want to buy an AGP card, because it is as their next motherboard PCIe not to buy more. want to get more RAM DDR 184-Pin PC come into their courses, knowing that their next 240-pin DDR2 system, even if it's not a huge increase in performance? Although this kind of "progress" is inevitable, it would be nice to say about their search for sustainability, or USB to see 3.5-inch hard drive.

Despite the fact that most pirated software believe that they have no influence on the gaming industry, piracy is a big problem for several reasons. Besides the direct loss of revenue, it has managed to leave the PC game and has forced unprecedented, retailers refuse to take back from PC games to buy. Where would the film industry if you buy your movies on DVD to rent instead?
Compounding this is the problem that the anti-piracy software PC, sometimes perverse effects, causing problems for legitimate users. The developers are back in the fight with the mechanisms of online confirmation of steam, but such efforts have not always received well. Console games make hacking more difficult and is something that the developers can not ignore when deciding on a platform.

The Vista factor
Microsoft has become increasingly aware, it seems the height of the game discs for the sale of its Windows operating system, so it is a priority in the next version, Windows Vista. Part of the package will be DirectX 10 graphics that not only promises more brilliant, but better hardware compatibility. Windows System Performance Rating (WinSPRs show) will allow users to quickly see which games make use of their system. They are also under way, a Games Explorer, a bit like Xfire or Gamespy Arcade sounds offer access to the latest patches, demos, games and information without searching the Internet. Mix in a number of characteristics of the gaming community addressed and Vista begins to seem quite appealing.
Whether this will work remains to be seen. We heard our bad Lords, according to Microsoft for talking, and we have seen many blue screens of death. If Vista falls flat on its startup process, it is necessary to take the entire PC gaming industry, because the Xbox 360 bundle is $ 200 for it to be sold. At about the same price as the full version of Vista is the upgrade for about $ 100. On the other hand, if it were to people who can remove without breaking their systems, it could be good news for the players, and we will see more titles multiplatform.

Bottom Line

The PC is still my favorite platformer, but if not it gets some love from Microsoft and hardware manufacturers, I fear that my husband to disappear soon, despite recent successes such as World of Warcraft. The next-gen consoles are graphically very good, they are robust online components, they are good media player, and they remain relatively cheap. If you surf the Internet could, network and e-mail to check on them, many people would never touch their computers. Of course, adapting the PC game or disappear because they are much more accessible to his place is in the video market is increasingly competitive needs.

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