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Leonardo DiCaprio, a corporate spy who specializes in the art of extraction - enter people's dreams and steal secrets from your subconscious!
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Aug. 13, 2010 - PRLog -- Among mysteries, theories and more questions than answers premiered 'Inception', the latest film by Christopher Nolan, the same one that came with very high expectations and assuming the risk involved. The great reality is that no one was prepared for the final product, a smart movie that overshadows much of what we've seen lately introducing a totally unique, which may say much and yet not come to describe the genius of this true cinematic experience that borders on perfection.

The only thing you should know when entering the theater is that Leonardo DiCaprio, a corporate spy who specializes in the art of extraction - enter people's dreams and steal secrets from your subconscious - is hired by a mysterious employer to perform the almost impossible task of planting an idea in the mind of the heir of an empire whose expansion could threaten its future.

Sounds simple, but it is just and necessary knowledge to settle at the ideal state before seeing 'Inception', ie with a blank mind, which was highly successful over its promotion, and is what allows Nolan plays with our mind while creating a dream world based on a complex task, where his greatest strength lies in the fact that it takes certain patterns of the unconscious activity in which we embarked every night and exploits this familiar ground shaping some "concepts" which translates as the rules that govern this world, which needs no scientific evidence to be convincing.

As we see what happens is easy to see that this has the structure of a film of theft and robbery (heist movie) the best, the difference is that this story takes a leap beyond the mind as having the canvas to give Unleash situations that begin to develop brilliantly over several levels of narration that require concentration, but more importantly, we must be willing to dive into this world that involves the audience in every scene where when a think you've finished digesting a new one concept appears to move the floor and put more pieces into the puzzle.

As the impressive history neuralgic part of this project, there really are other things about operating in harmony with this proposal, noting first great performance by a cast loaded with talent who make it all work as a group and individually, especially DiCaprio in the case who faces several external and internal struggles reflected in one of his best performances, which is complemented by the presence of Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe and Cillian Murphy.

Following this annealing is the leadership that manages the intense soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer, the same fuses with each of the emotions of the characters and the tense situations, which are finally combined with meticulous visual effects, whose raison d' be far beyond the dreams of decorating, but its presence is absolutely justified to help maximize the surreal tone of this world, it also is captured in great detail by the work of cinematographer Wally Pfister, constant collaborator of director and who gets to print a clear identity as the team delves into his mission.

The end result of 'Inception' is the proclamation of a masterpiece, the logical step of this filmmaker, a genius in every sense of the word and it has been demonstrated from 'Memento', up to the reinvention of the films superhero in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'. Now this is more than a step, has taken a big leap to light leaving the surprising boldness in summer with an ambitious film, which was very high and write notes to direct it demonstrated its ability to seamlessly orchestrate their ideas for more complex these may be.

Among the disturbing drama, the endless suspense and the dazzling action sequences can take your breath away, the best of this is having one of the most intelligent films of recent years, the kind that accompanies a film as it leaves the until the following days, where more than once on board we will be debates about what happened during 148 minutes to live intensely in the cinema hall, and that more than one will be happy to repeat.

May generate several lectures on the outcome of this film but the final conclusion is one to make it very clear as Nolan has given us a new classic that reminds us why the film is regarded as the seventh art.

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