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You have to keep your customers guessing. Your brochures should create an atmosphere of interest enough to make them asking for more. Give your readers something they haven’t heard. And surely, they will look at your product.
Brochure Design by Write Right
Brochure Design by Write Right
June 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Why do Companies or Brands develop brochures? Answer is to present products or services to customers so that they decide and buy. Creative brochure is a major tool behind every effective and successful marketing or branding campaign. A well-designed and engaging brochure is not only presentable but also carries wide potential to attract customers.

Some qualities that every selling brochure should have –
Beautiful overall appearance including packaging, useful information, readable copy, attractive layout, and pleasant colors

Do brochures always sell?
A brochure which fails to create a market appeal fails to sell. Companies invest much of time and efforts in building a brochure that sells. Actually, it is advised to build a brochure that recognizes brand presence, creates awareness, and provides information.

Remember – A brochures that fails to appeal to aesthetic preferences of customers fails to translate sales.

Four basic ‘should be’ of every Brochure
1.   should be attention grabbing
2.   should be crafted to build customer’s interest in product/service
3.   should be able to arouse customer’s desire to own the product/service
4.   should be able to stimulate positive action

After all this lets say - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to a brochure all you really have to follow is to appeal to the general concept of beauty. Always stick to the conventional assumption of beauty and you would never go wrong.

How to Attract Customer’s Attention
Every product/service has a benefit. A benefit is anything you can give to your customers. This is something you put upfront so that people will begin buying from you. To attract customer attention, you have to create a good selling point for each and every benefit. All of those should be emanating from your product and packaging, with or without the use of actual words.

Find out your product/service benefits by just answering –
1.)   How is your product/service different?
2.)   What are the benefits your product/service has that others don’t?
3.)   When it comes to product/service design what is it that you have to emphasize?
4.)   What is stated in the packaging that should make the product saleable?

By answering these questions you can get a good idea as to how you should present your product in the market. List all the primary selling points. This way, you are effectively presenting your product in the market.

How to Build Customer’s valwy Interest
To keep excitement in the air, you have to keep your customers guessing. Your brochures should create an atmosphere of interest enough to make them asking for more. Give your readers something they haven’t heard of before. And surely, they would give your product a second look.

How to Arouse Customer’s Desire
More often than not, desire is aroused by beauty, appeal, and attractiveness. Functionality and features usually come second. This may look too easy but a beautiful brochure is not a simple science. Aesthetics is rather vague and is very general. You have to keep in mind who your customers are and what their preferences might be, before you can appeal to their senses.

How to persuade customers into Action
This is the meat of the matter. When we talk about action, we mean buying.
Selling is a very psychological thing. Every good product/service has a good salesperson behind it.

Good quality of product presentation, quality, appeal, customer’s objections, and the salesman qualities. All these are taught with only one intention – that you successfully get into your customers’ heads and goad them into action.

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