Amazing Radionic Mind Control Software! Do You Really Want to Change Your Life?

Radionic Energy is scientifically proven to dramatically increase psychic and metaphysical abilities in a short period of time! Prolonged use of the software (consistent use for 30+ days) yields astonishing results that you see to believe!
By: Alex Adam
April 4, 2010 - PRLog -- If your magic ability stinks, or
if you totally suck at casting spells...

Hey, we feel your pain -- Magic can be HARD!

You want to cast a spell because it promises immediate, mystical results.  The problem with most people is that their spells lack the necessary energy to accomplish anything worth while.  They fizzle out a die before ever getting a fair chance at success!

People Are Always Asking Me,
What is Radionic Energy?

You already know everything is made of energy; and all energy vibrates.

Higher vibrating energy is better than low vibrating energy.  Radionic Energy is an extremely high vibration of energy; the more of this Radionic Energy you have in your  IDF (Intrinsic Data Field) the more powerful you become.

Radionics is the study of these IDFs.  You may have heard references to this study under different names such as biofields, auras, psionics or chi.  The term “Radionics” is made up of two words: Radiation and Electronics.  While the term itself is relatively modern, the study of the body’s energy goes back to ancient times.
By its physical and electro-chemical nature, the human body is teeming with energies that comprise its IDF.  Every living thing, from animals to trees also emits a personal IDF.  We are constantly in contact with IDFs from the world around us.  Plants, pets, friends, work associates, lovers and people you pass on the street all come in contact with your IDF, and your IDF comes in contact with them.The bottom line is: It's psychic energy.

So what does this mean?  It means that our energies are constantly being touched, influenced and even altered by the world around us.  After all, everything is energy and Radionics is an extremely high vibration of Energy.  

Is this starting to sound like the Force from Star Wars?  Well, in a way, it is a little like the Force, or an energy field made up of all living things.  It surrounds us.  It binds us.  It connects us.  But unlike a Jedi, we really can’t utilize this energy for our own purposes...Or can we?

Have you ever felt ridiculously embarrassed while trying to cast a spell?  Maybe it's because you were tricked into thinking that a couple fluffy poems and a candle had some type of mystical effect.  

They want you to believe that if you recite a couple 'magic words' that all your wishes and dreams will come true.  Unfortunately, that's never the case.  You must learn to create and harness the more subtle forces of nature -- these are the "magic forces" you've heard about all along!

You don't need to completely understand Radionic Energy to benefit from it.  It's best to just get a feeling for what it's all about and then finally try it for yourself.

Would Your Choose A Candle Or A 100 Watt Bulb to Light Up Your Room?

For example, I bet if I asked you how a light bulb worked you wouldn't have the foggiest idea.  But that doesn't stop you from flippin' on the light switch every day does it?

Think about it, wouldn't it stink to still be using a candle to light your room while everyone else is using brilliant 100 watt bulbs?
Always Know What To Say - Speak with the confidence of a political leader, never stutter or look down when talking to a pretty girl again.

Arouse Passion - Activate a deep, animal like lust in your target of choice.

Banish Shyness - Strengthen your confidence and redefine yourself as a fearless social adventurer.

Banishing Of Troublemakers - Strike fear into the heart of those who antagonize you, show them the universal consequences of their actions.

Become Attractive and Desired - Sex appeal on tap, fill yourself to the brim each morning before facing the world and watch the opposite sex flock to you.

Blessings of Angels - Use Radionic Energy to activate a universal beacon, Angels from all over will flock to your aid.

Break Streak of Bad Luck - Just can't get it right? Realign yourself with good fortune and luck.

Break Up The Relationship - Repel your mate on an instinctual level, time will do the rest.

Come To Me Soul Mate - Every person has a 'soul mate', use the power of Radionic Energy to reveal your true love.

Confidence In Social Situations - Instinctively draw upon the shyness of others to give you confidence and bolstering inner strength.

Depression Leave Me - Rise above the negative pengilum swing, become happy again.

Desire Me - Radionic energy will cause an unexplainable magnetism to develop in your aura bringing about the lust, love and attention you crave.

Develop a Talkative Personality - Transform from an introvert to extrovert on mental command, so strong people will think they are talking to a different person.

Do It My Way - Persuade people to your way of thinking, they'll thank you in the end.

Dreams Come True - We all have unfulfilled dreams, well... not all of us.

Fitness and Health - Shed undesired weight and become an object of physical envy and desire.

Freedom From Anxiety - Melt anxiety from your bones and walk away feeling like a socially confident veteran.

Happy Home - Broken homes can not thrive in the presence of this Radionic Energy, watch as your home situation transforms before your eyes.

Have Gift of Witty Conversation - Speak with the confidence of a political leader, never stutter or look down when talking to a pretty girl again.

I Need A Miracle - Send out a beacon that will cause flocks of miracle-ready angles to fly to your rescue.

Let Me Pass Exams - Melt exam stress away and solidify your intellect, it'll feel like you're plucking the answers out of thin air.

Love Me Forever - Never lose your 'mojo', keep your personal magnetism strong forever.

Long Life - Activate your original DNA and bring your body back to it's proper, natural and healthy self once again.

...and that's just a taste.

You may have heard Radionic Energy called by another name, manna - and it is the one secret accomplished magicians and sorcerers absolutely refuse to tell anyone. Because if they did, well you might wind up with a piece of software like EnchanterX that could magically transform the lives of everyone who possessed it.

# # #

We have different kind of Djinn rituals to summon and control Djinns.

These rituals are extremely powerful and should not be taken lightly.

Any one at the age of above 20 years can perform these riutals.

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