Nostradamus Présages Conjoined with Sixains and Centuries Reveal Secret Ciphered Legend

Nostradamus ciphertexts have been hidden for almost 500 years - Présages, Sixains, and Centuries, that correlate to a hidden legend. This is groundbreaking news for scholars, a breakthrough for code breakers, and revelation for the spiritual minded.
March 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Ciphertext began as an ancient form of permuting letters within various works of literature from ancient to modern times. Encoding or ciphering was often reserved for writings that had to be protected in high secrecy, especially during the time of the Inquisition. This secretive and obscure art form has been used since ancient times and in advanced form continues to be used in high political arenas where national strategies are at stake. In modern times the art of encryption has migrated toward the use of sophisticated computer programs that are virtually impossible to penetrate.  However, there are adepts of ancient times who were highly proficient in ciphering text, and there remain many well known art forms to accomplish this task.  Some modern scholars claim that even the Holy Bible conceals ciphered messages. Early Hebrews referred to encoded or ciphered texts as peshers which usually involved a story-within-a-story concealing a profound theme.

Spiritual adepts in the Inquisition Period of 16th century had every reason to conceal their private writings as many were killed for perceived deviation from orthodox viewpoints. Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) was from a family who converted from the Jewish faith to avoid the wrath of the Inquisition. Eventually the royal family of France protected Nostradamus from the Inquisition. Nostradamus had secrets to conceal and under the protection of the royal hierarchy published his famous, secretly ciphered writings for posterity. The most notorious of Nostradamus’ published writings was the Centuries. On the surface the writings of Nostradamus were general prophecies for the future of the world. Famed for almost five hundred years, works of Nostradamus have been published longer than any other book besides the Holy Bible.

Dr. Michal Deschausses, a Nostradamus historian, ordained minister, and author has published a series of books revealing the Nostradamus works as ciphertexts that contain a prophetic, hidden legend. In a recent interview, Dr. Deschausses stated:

“A pesher (ciphertext) is a cryptic writing having multiple layers of content with meaning both symbolic and literal. The pesher does not easily give forth its secrets. The first level of the pesher is the one that meets the eye and has apparent meaning - even if it must be interpreted through the mental faculties of the reader. While read on a conscious level, the surface or ciphertext of ancient peshers often contained multiple languages and iconic symbols known only to initiates. The deepest layer of the pesher often contained an esoteric, literal tale-within-the-tale. A pesher might discuss an event of the present, portrayed with events from the past, and even at times incorporate the author’s secret knowledge of the future. In short, the layered work might overlap multidimensional activity and time frames - past, present, and future - which sages see as united…”

Dr. Deschausses further stated that since the nature of a pesher is often concerned with controversial, religious matters that require protection the secrets are often cloaked in symbolism, myth, rhythmic poetry, and timeless icons that provoke impressions on higher levels of consciousness crossing language barriers. The compilation of such tales correlate to conscious knowledge of the author such as history, language, geography, numerology, literature, mythology, politics, religion, socialism, and a broad range of other subjects. While the surface story of a pesher normally tells an intriguing tale often involving a deeply enigmatic analogy, the pesher can sometimes appear impossible to read like a normal story but will have consistency, meter, and theme that provoke deeper mystery. All layers of the tale are equally important for the purpose for which they are intended, and one does not undermine the other. Considering the nature of peshers as elaborate ciphers based on the permutation or rearrangement of very exact letters it becomes quite apparent why the old prophets and sages insisted not one letter of their inspired writings be altered lest the meaning become convoluted.

This ciphertext theme is not for the light hearted but should not be dismissed without closer investigation. According to Dr. Deschausses:

“As part of the Divine Plan, the published works of Nostradamus contain a long hidden pesher. In a startling literary discovery, three written works of this 16th century sage have been fully deciphered to reveal a unified hidden legend.”

Dr. Deschausses, who worked over a period of 31 years on the Nostradamus material, has decoded a ciphertext hidden within the ancient writings of Nostradamus. The various literary works of Nostradamus, including the Présages, Sixains, and Centuries have long caused controversy and grave debate. The author states that using a proven, error-free method of deciphering that these three large literary works of Nostradamus have been decoded that all relate the same hidden, prophetic story. Dr. Deschausses said,

“The profoundly deep insinuations of the truths of prophecy, the ingenious workings of the higher mind in divine writings, and tangible proof of the divine order are among the many staggering impacts of this secret legend. More mind-boggling than Drosnin’s work in The Bible Code, this work does not offer hints at deciphered code. Instead it reveals a very exact science of the ancient, alchemical art of the permutation of letters with the deciphered legend bringing a bold, hidden message to humankind.”

The deciphered Centuries were released in September, 2008 in a book called “Nostradamus Centuries of the Divine Plan - Rise to Consciousness – Volume Three of a Four Volume Series.” The deciphered Présages are currently available in the Kindle Edition on entitled “Nostradamus Présages of the Divine Plan – Rise to Consciousness – Volume One of a Four Volume Series.” This title will be available in the paperback edition in June, 2010. The Sixains will be published in November, 2010. Other works by Dr. Deschausses include “Three Temporal Kings – Nostradamus Prophecies of the Divine Plan” currently available in the Kindle Edition and at most worldwide booksellers. Dr. Deschausses recently appeared in the 2009 History Channel Series entitled “The Nostradamus Effect” and continues research on Nostradamus and related works.

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