Decoded Nostradamus Manuscript Reveals Legend of Modern Family

Dr. Michal Deschausses has decoded a ciphertext in the writings of Nostradamus. Ciphertext is an ancient form of permuting letters has existed from ancient to modern times. Three literary works have been fully deciphered revealing a secret legend.
Feb. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- The art of ciphertext is an ancient form of the permutation of letters which has existed within various works of literature from ancient to modern times. In a startling literary discovery, three written works of a 16th century writer have been fully deciphered to reveal a hidden legend.

Dr. Michal Deschausses, an American born author, has decoded a ciphertext hidden for over 450 years in the writings of Nostradamus. Deschausses acknowledges that the various literary works of Nostradamus, including the Presages, Sixains, and Centuries have long caused controversy and grave debate. She states that using a proven, error-free method of deciphering that these three large literary works of Nostradamus have been decoded that all tell the same hidden story about a prophesied 20th century family. The actual decoding of the text is groundbreaking news for scholars who have studied the Nostradamus material, as well as those interested in the ancient form of ciphering known as the permutation of letters. Not only a scientific and archaeological discovery, this decoded text relates a profound story as the revelation of the mysterious legend about the modern family is a non-fiction work.

In a recent interview Dr. Deschausses said, “The profoundly deep insinuations of the truths of prophecy, the ingenious workings of the higher mind in divine writings, and tangible proof of the divine order are among the many staggering impacts of this secret legend. More mind-boggling than Drosnin’s work in The Bible Code, this work does not offer hints at deciphered code. Instead it reveals a very exact science of the ancient, alchemical art of the permutation of letters with the deciphered legend bringing a bold, hidden message to humankind.”

The detailed, exact method of deciphering is explained by Dr. Deschausses who has made the full text of the Centuries available including the original, multilingual verses of Nostradamus (the ciphertext), the deciphered verses in French, and an English translation. “Rise to Consciousness – Volume Three of a Four Volume Series” was released in 2008. In addition to this publication Deschausses is the author of three other unreleased ciphertext works, and a recently published book entitled “Three Temporal Kings – Nostradamus Prophecies of the Divine Plan.” These books are available on, Barnes & Noble, and many other online and in-store booksellers. Check with your local book retailer for more information, or search online.

Dr. Deschausses recently appeared on the History Channel in the Fall 2009 series entitled “The Nostradamus Effect.” A foremost Nostradamus historian, Dr. Deschausses has spent over 30 years of research on the Nostradamus materials.

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