Nostradamus Researcher Sanctions Unified Prophecy of Antichrist – Three Temporal Kings

Deschausses offers the first insight into the Centuries of Nostradamus providing a unified theme that relates the proven past, active present, and near future of humanity - an astounding and true prophecy of three antichrists.
June 19, 2009 - PRLog -- The Centuries of Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) from the 16th century have been repeatedly published and incessantly in demand longer than any published material with the exception of the Holy Bible. For over 500 years the divinatory writings of the French sage-prophet have awed seekers from all nations and diverse backgrounds. Since the initial publication of the collected quatrains of Nostradamus there have been many researchers who have sought to either prove or disprove his prophetic writings. Each new generation of people since the age of the Renaissance has continued to search the verses of Nostradamus seeking higher truth and understanding. The general consensus among scholars and researchers is that the quatrains of Nostradamus contain substantial but circumstantial evidence of factual prophecy. Heads of state including Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler were reported to have ordered individual interpretations of the quatrains of the Nostradamus using them in personal strategies. Hitler had his own version of the quatrains printed in mass and cast out of airplanes across the European countryside. This was a concerted effort by Hitler to convince people that he was destined to be the victor in the ensuing wars.

Each new generation of scholars since the 16th century has produced multiple interpretations of the Centuries of Nostradamus attempting to shed light on the prophecies in their contemporary age. In a critical and innovative understanding, the author of “Three Temporal Kings – Nostradamus Prophecies of the Divine Plan” not only reveals that Nostradamus prophesied and wrote in his Centuries specifically about three antichrists but that each quatrain relates to one of the three antichrists. The author also claims that history supports the prophecies of Nostradamus as divine, comprehensive, unified, and factual.

Michal Deschausses, Ph.D. is a noted Nostradamus historian who has researched the writings of Nostradamus for more than three decades. While research provided within “Three Temporal Kings” was completed in 1989 the manuscript was not released in printed form until June 2009. In a recent interview Dr. Deschausses stated:

“Three Temporal Kings contains a message to the people of the world from Nostradamus, a divine prophet. Nostradamus spoke of three false Messiahs and several lesser kings who would attempt to spiritually and physically dominate the world. As part of the Divine Plan these false Messiahs would shape political, social, and economic outcome as well as the religious focus of the human race for approximately 300 years through the destined End of Days.”

The research of Dr. Deschausses provides new insight in understanding the true intent of the Centuries and is the first Nostradamus commentary that provides comprehensive detail that unifies a common theme through each of the quatrains. Dr. Deschausses also stated that the intellectual and spiritual light shed through the ancient prophet relates an important message about the proven past, the active present, and the near future of the world, and that this information offered through the ancient prophet should be taken in direct correlation to biblical prophecy.

Dr. Deschausses is an ordained minister with a doctorate degree in Philosophy and a Masters degree in Divinity. The author devoted more than three decades of research to the writings of Nostradamus as well as to Interdisciplinary and Humanitarian Studies. She is the author of four other Nostradamus related works, including the Rise to Consciousness Series.

“Three Temporal Kings – Nostradamus Prophecies of the Divine Plan” is currently available through most local and online booksellers.

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