HHO Gas Generator Kits Sales Going Strong Despite Economic Down Turn!

Sales of relatively unknown hho gas generator kits are soaring despite the economic down turn we are currently going through. This is mainly due to tax breaks the government officials are handing out for converting to green technology.
By: Jason Tyler
Feb. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- Even with gas prices reaching all time highs many are beginning to turn to hydrogen generators as an add fuel source for their vehicles. Even though there has been much speculation as to whether this technology is for real or just a few people claiming they are able to run their cars using nothing but water.

With many searching for ways to go green and save money hydrogen generators is a very useful way to do both. Given the bad publicity these fuel kits have gotten mainly because of a few bad marketers making false statements like run your car on nothing but water or use water for fuel. As much as we all which this was possible we all know that it is not at least not entirely at the moment. Maybe one day we will be able to drive our cars using nothing but water for our garden hoses.

All though if you where to think of it as bad as the economy is today we really would not want to jeopardize all the gas station attendants either. This is one of the main reasons our governments are not pushing car manufactures to produce these cars. As much as we would all like a free resource for fuel this would be catastrophic to our economy. We all know this and until we start getting jobs for the people who are still out of work due to the down turn in our economy. We will just have to do what we can to save money until then.

One of the ways we are currently able to save money either at the pump or at our homes is to turn to green technology. At home we can use wind turbines or solar panels. While with our cars we can install a simple device called an hho generator. HHO generators have been used for years by some you wouldn't think would be using this technology. Nascar is one of the most famous for using hydrogen fuel cells on their cars. You might even see one of these green technology vehicles the next time you head out to your local Zoo. Even our city buses and other public transportation vehicles are starting to convert over.

Although those public transportation vehicles are doing this because they don't really want to raise prices any more then they already have. Where they can build and install a hydrogen fuel cell generator in just a few short hours. By doing so they can get an increase of gas mileage from 30-120%. This may not sound like much of an increase in gas mileage. We really need to think of it this way though. Every mile per gallon we gan shave off of our vehicles is better four our pockets.

Since these bad marketers have given hho gas kits such a bad name we took a trip over to a local shop run by Jason Tyler. Who is a hho gas conversion expert and asked him to clear up a few things for us. What he said is it is not entirely possible as of yet to run a vehicle off of nothing but water. Although it is possible to add an hho generator and force the hho gas into the air intake. Which would give you an increased gas mileage as well as help clean up the internal parts on the motors. In which a cleaner engine and an increase in gas mileage would also give you better emissions.

Jason then proceeded to show us his 2007 Toyota Tacoma pick up truck with one of his fuel kits installed. He said that his pick up was getting around 36mpg. This to us was astonishing so we decided to ask if we could place one of these kits on our own vehicle. He said he would do one even better he would supply the materials and the designs. In which we would build our own hydrogen fuel cell. Just to show us how easy it really was. With in an hour we had built and installed the design he handed us on our 2005 Venture.

We noticed almost instantly the Venture was a little quieter. So we had to ask why this was. He stated that since hydrogen burns at a higher temperature then regular gas. It was beginning to clean the internal parts of the engine. Over time all cars build up oil deposits. What we all know of a sludge thanks to the Valvoline commercial of last year.

“We have seen a good deal of interest in our products from individuals and auto repair shops in the past,” stated Jason “but recently we have seen interest from the educational sector. Schools are starting to teach hydrogen modifications in auto shop which means that our children are already thinking about ways to preserve the environment and conserve resources by using HHO technology as a bridge to the future.”

Based in Sacramento California, HHOGasKitWizard.com is an independent manufacturer and an online distributor for automotive grade products designed for use with supplemental hydrogen systems. Their website, http://www.HhoGasKitWizard.com, offers a range of products, articles, research materials for the energy conscious consumer.

For more information about HhoGasKitWizard.com and supplemental hydrogen on-demand technology, visit the company website at http://www.HhoGasKitWizard.com or send an e-mail to jason@hhogaskitwizard.co

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Jason Tyler (Auto Mechanic Team)
Gas Conversion (Hydrogen/HHO Fuel Cell) Expert


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