Greening the Planet With the HHO Car!

Reduce your carbon foot print on the planet by converting to a HHO car. By use of electrolysis produce HHO gas to power your vehicle easy. Let's Go Green Together.
By: Jason Tyler
HHO Car Fuel Cell
HHO Car Fuel Cell
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Sacramento - California - US

March 15, 2010 - PRLog -- The slogan, "Going Green", is seen many times each day in all our areas of media and certainly one that warrants our attention if we are to have a good future for this planet. Having said this, our emission problems are certainly of enormous proportion in causing permanent damage to the environment and this is receiving the attention that is deserves. So if we must use our vehicles to go to work and maintain households, there must be more innovative actions that we can take to be better stewards of our planet...the HHO car! Fewer carbon emissions and better gas mileage are just two of many facets that make this ideal in solving many of our issues today where the environment and our economy are concerned.

It may seem staggering to think about having your vehicle professionally outfitted with one of these kits to the tune of over $1,500 but suppose that this could be installed by you with only the cost of about $100 and an investment of approximately an hour of your time. There are numerous HHO car kits available and unless the price of water goes sky-high like gasoline has in recent years, you could begin to reap the benefit of saving a lot on fuel immediately.

The principle is quite simple for those who have even a limited knowledge of chemistry. The HHO car uses water that is energized by the process of electrolysis which in common terms means electrical current introduced into water resulting in the separation of the oxygen and hydrogen. The electricity is provided by the alternator via the charge from the battery of your vehicle. The end product of this process becomes HHO or "brown gas" in lay terminology. The newly created gas travels through to the engine where further enhancement with the air filter transpires. This extra boost will produce more power than you can get from gasoline alone and is cleaner burning which lessens the carbon footprint that we hear so much about. Hydrogen alone cannot provide the same amount of assistance as HHO which contains the addition of oxygen which provides more power. Testimonials tout the increase in gas mileage of near to 50% even in older model vehicles.

Therefore, in conclusion, we know of the power that can be found in water with the proper directions... the TVA project and Hoover Dam! It only seems logical that this same product will provide us with power when properly implemented in our vehicles.

Based in Sacramento California, is an independent manufacturer and an online distributor for automotive grade products designed for use with supplemental hydrogen systems. Their website,, offers a range of products, articles, research materials for the energy conscious consumer.

For more information about and supplemental hydrogen on-demand technology, visit the company website at or send an e-mail to

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Jason Tyler (Auto Mechanic Team)
Gas Conversion (Hydrogen/HHO Fuel Cell) Expert

Ten years ago when I first started experimenting with the different technologies to achieve superior fuel economy, I just took it for granted that getting 50-80 miles per gallon (80 to 129 kilometers) was normal with the water/HHO Energy system installed. Today, with the advent of people selling the do-it-yourself instructions to use water as a fuel supplement, I want to shed some light on what is and what is not possible.
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