Scientists Create Super Diamonds

At last scientists have come up with the ultimate, the Super Diamond.
By: Lyn Thomas
Feb. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Gemesis, in Florida, has released the news that through a process known as Chemical Vapour Deposition, (CVD), the company is able to successfully create gem size diamonds in a Vacuum Chamber. This has set the technological world alight.

Using mainly methane and hydrogen gas, plus Radio Frequency radiation, (microwave) and extreme temperatures of 2000 Celsius, scientists create a situation where the gas molecules join themselves to the carbon on the surface of the seed diamond. Thus creating a diamond of several carats that is 50% harder than diamonds created by nature.

Man has used enormous pressure and heat ever since the 1950’s, in an attempt to create man-made diamonds. The first industrial diamond took GE five years to produce. Now scientists can produce a Super Diamond in just days, through the use of a seed diamond.

This in turn will make the using of diamonds as a raw material in technology, priceless.
The mining and drilling industry was revolutionized through the introduction of industrial diamonds, but modern technology is on the verge of an even greater break through with the Super Diamond. Diamonds are also the most efficient heat conductor there is, with the ability to transfer heat 5 times faster than metal.

Silicon chips, which are subject to heat, shut down if heated beyond a certain temperature. The Super Diamond is not only unaffected by heat, it will conduct electricity as well.

Computers will be able to operate at much higher speeds. Mobile phones and any form of communication will be vastly improved, by the use of the Super Diamond.

For hundreds of years diamonds have been one of the most revered and sought after materials, as the hardest substance known to man. They have been the symbol of extreme wealth, being steeped in mythology and deeply rooted in ancient legends. Super Diamonds are laser marked so they cannot be slipped illegally onto the jewellry market.

Light slows down when it is refracted through a diamond, allowing communication to control the speed of light. Even windows will be able to be made of diamond material, using the new process.

South Africa is now able to manufacture a synthetic diamond in approximately 45 minutes. The downside of the South African process is that it can only produce very small diamonds.

Note to Editor
Scientists create super diamonds in order to replace the silicon chip.

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