Prebiotin: Prebiotics for Pets without Paying Premium Petfood Prices

Adding prebiotics to your pet's diet does not require changing them to a pricey "ultra premium" pet food.
By: Jackson GI Medical Co.
Dec. 11, 2009 - PRLog -- Prebiotics offer a host of benefits to health, immunity and digestion of people. From better regularity, to increasing bone density to reducing cancer factors.

What many consumers don't realize is the same oligofructose and inulin people need is what pets need too. Fructo-oligosaccharide or FOS is the prebiotic included in those expensive dog foods being so strongly marketed right now..

But here's the secret: There's no need to support those grandiose ad campaigns by paying grandiose prices for "ultra premium' pet foods with prebiotics. Instead, by adding Prebiotin to a pet's preferred food, consumers can give their pets prebiotic benefits for only pennies a day.

Prebiotin suggests giving pets FOS prebiotics at the rate of 2 grams for each 50 lbs. of weight. Or to make it simple, 1/8 tsp/day for small pets, 1/4 tsp./day for medium pets, and 1/2 tsp. per day for the very largest pets over 100 lbs.

That means one single jar of Prebiotin lasts about ONE FULL YEAR for an average pet! That's about $0.08 cents per day!

More importantly, it gives pet owners more control. Pet owners can decide how often and how much prebiotic their best friend needs!

Plus pet owners can continue to feed their pet the food they already know, like and tolerate properly.  Prebiotin original prebiotic fiber is odorless, virtually tasteless and dissolves easily in liquid or food. Your pet may never even know it's there!

And because Prebiotin is manufactured for human use, in an FDA-inspected facility, to the highest standards of quality and purity, it's assured that pets are getting nothing but the best.

Visit to get Prebiotin Prebiotics for your Pet. Or learn more about this subject at

And maybe add a jar for yourself too!  After all, you need to stay healthy to keep feeding, loving and caring for your pet, right?

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Jackson GI is dedicated to being a responsible provider of nutritional supplements. We back our product with third-party medical research, and emphasize no-nonsense, no-hype educational materials on our site.
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