Prebiotics Make Hair and Nails Grow Fast, Strong and Healthy

Prebiotics users report outrageous nail and hair growth.
By: Jackson GI Medical Co.
March 1, 2010 - PRLog -- It's an often-reported benefit of prebiotics. Prebiotic supplement users are constantly telling us how their fingernails and hair grow quickly. In fact, some male prebiotics users complain that they now have to clip their nails too often! (We haven't had such complaints from any women!)

And with a bit of research, we now think we understand why this happens:

1) When taking Prebiotin prebiotic supplement, a flourishing community of colon bacteria ensure maximum nutrient absorption. Many of the vitamins and minerals we need must be 'broken down' by our friendly bacteria partners to be fully absorbed. Ensuring a healthy colon "microbiota" ensures you're getting the most from the nutrients you consume.

2) One mineral in particular, Calcium, shows significantly better absorption when taking prebiotics. And we know that calcium is a key nutrient in ensuring healthy nails and hair.  

3) These same bacteria also produce short-chain fatty acids (or SCFAs) in the colon. We like to call SCFA's "Energy Pods" because that's a much better description of how they work. More to the point, fatty acids are absolutely key to formation of Keratin which is what our body uses to make hair and nails. These fatty acids are absorbed through the colon and go to work all through the body.

In fact, we ourselves see it at Jackson GI Medical. Prebiotin creator and prebiotics guru Frank W. Jackson, MD, notes that he has to cut his hair and nails "outrageously often." Jackson GI's CEO remarks that he has to clip his nails three times a week, or his kids call him "Dr. Claw." From sales reps to customer service, our employees (all dedicated Prebiotin users, of course) all remark on this effect.

The bottom line is that the hair and nails you see are made primarily from Keratin, but are dead. The living root where new hair and nails grow is under the skin. Creams, potions and polishes that go on the outside can help preserve the nails and hair you see, but if you want them to grow stronger and faster in the first place, only an internal solution like prebiotics ( can help!

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Jackson GI is dedicated to being a responsible provider of nutritional supplements. We back our product with third-party medical research, and emphasize no-nonsense, no-hype educational materials on our site.
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