Unsolved Puzzle Over Brazils Twins

Are all the twins in the small farming town in Brazil natural, or the result of unseemly scientific research.
By: Lyn Thomas
Dec. 11, 2009 - PRLog -- Combing through the mystery of why a small Brazilian farming town has long owned the record of having an abnormally high birth rate of twins Candido Godo, National Geographic Explorer has come up with no concrete answers.

In the town’s German community there are reportedly 80 households that have 44 pairs of blue-eyed, blond haired twins. This is a rate that is nearly 1000% higher than the global average and all in just one-and-a-half-square-mile of area.

It has been theorized that the Angel of Death, the nutty Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele, escaped to Brazil and continued his research.

As an SS physician in Auschwitz concentration camp, the notorious Josef Mengele offered to create a master race for Adolf Hitler. He carried out genetic experiments to find the key to producing twins. The aim was to artificially increase the Aryan birthrate.

Mengele made his way to South America after escaping the advancing Red Army in 1945.
At Auschwitz, the medic, is believed to have been responsible for up to 400,000 deaths in medical experiments. He may have succeeded in his mission. Historian Jorge Camaras now believes that Candido Godo is proof that Mengele continued his work.

The inhabitants of the Brazilian town openly said Mengele made repeated visits there in the early 1960s. About the time the twins began to appear.

A staggering one in five births has resulted in twins. This explosion of the birth of twins only began in the early 60’s.

First Mengele said he was a vet, but then began offering medical treatment to the women. He gave them strange potions and tablets and asked for blood samples.

In 1963 Mengele began making regular trips to the predominantly German farming community in Brazil, after having spent time in Argentina and Paraguay.

Even now Mengele is one of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals. A man many consider to be one of the most evil men to have ever walked the earth.

There is no migration into this tiny town, to provide new genetics and the people tend to marry within their own area.

In the United States the Amish have a higher than average problem with gentic diseases, due to a self- isolating society that provides a small genetic pool. Isolation can be cultural, social, religious or geographic. The question remains, are the twins the work of Mengele or simply an isolation problem?

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