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Dr Shapira and Dr Amidei have over 50 years combined Neuromuscular Dentistry experience. Trained Neuromuscular Dentists treats Migraines, Chronic Daily Tension-Type Headaches, TMJ dysfunction, TMD, TMJD, Fibromyalgia, and other sleep disorders.
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Nov. 8, 2009 - PRLog -- TMJ disorders are frequently called "The Great Imposter" and the popularity of Neuromuscular Dental Treatment has exploded in large part to LVI, The Las Vegas Institute teaching this physiologic dental treatment as part of it's core curriculum.  TMJ disorders are called the Great Imposter because the mimic or cause so many related disorders.  

The Great Imposter:  TMJ Dysfunction can be the cause of migraines, chronic daily headaches, tension-type headaches, sinus headaches, jaw joint clicking, popping and locking.

Ear pain or otalgia, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, eustacian tube dysfunction or a feeling of fullness or water in the ear, sinus pain and stuffiness are a few of the otolaryngologic symptoms patient experience.

 Cervicalgia or neck pain, occipital pain, shoulder an back pain are chiropractic symptoms that often require treatment by Neuromuscular Dentists and Chiropracters, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists or Massage therapists working together to allow patients to reclaim a higher quality of life.  

More obscure symptoms include dizziness, vertigo, low back pain and feelings of disequilibrium or confusion.

Sleep and Health Journal has a must read article by Dr Shapira for patients with TMJ disorders:  "SUFFER NO MORE:  DEALING WITH THE GREAT IMPOSTER"

DR SHAPIRA has recently created a new website ( dedicated to Neuromuscular Dental treatment of headaches.  This new website also has a find a dentist section for patients to find a Neuromuscular Dentist.  When no dentist is listed patients who leave contact information will be directed to dentists with Neuromuscular Dental experience. A second Sleep and Health Journal Article  ( discusses Dr Shapira's definition of Neuromuscular Dentistry  in a paper published originally in the AES Contact.  The AES, or American Equilibration Society is the largest group of dentists in the world with an interest in treating TMJ disorders.  ICCMO, or the INTERNATIONALCOLLEGE OF CRANIOMANDIBULAR ORTHOPEDICS IS THE ORGANIZATION OF NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTS STARTED BY DR BARNEY JANKELSON, THE FATHER OF NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY,

Patients who are being treated for years for chronic headaches or migraines often find relief thru Neuromuscular Dentistry.  Recent studies have shown that a large percentage of Migraines are caused by the Trigeminal Nerve of the fifth ( V ) cranial nerve.  The Trigeminal nerve has been called the dentists nerve but it is vitally important to anyone suffering chronic headaches.  Dr Ira L Shapira has been utilizing Neuromuscular Dental treatment for thirty years and his partner of 20 years Dr Mark J Amidei began learning Neuromuscular Dentistry from Dr Shapira whle he was still in a postgraduate residency program at Northwestern University Dental School.  Their combined experience makes Delany Dental Care Ltd ( in Gurnee an ideal office for patients desiring Neuromuscular Dental treatment.

Dr Shapira is the Secretary of ICCMO and a former Regent and International Regent of the organization as well as their representative to The Alliance of TemporoMandibular Organizations or TMD Alliance.

Sleep apnea is a major health problem closely related to TMJ disorders and Neuromuscular Dentistry.  The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institute of Health (NIH) considers sleep apnea to be a TMJ disorder.  The report " CARDIOVASCULAR AND SLEEP-RELATED CONSEQUENCES OF TEMPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS "  (  discusses diverse symptoms orf TMJ disorders and specifically sleep disorders.  The following is excerpted from that report "Pathophysiology and Clinical Consequences of Sleep and Temporomandibular Disorders:  Temporomandibular Disorders – Definition and Prevalence  

The term TMD refers to a collection of medical and dental conditions affecting the
temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and/or muscles of mastication, as well as contiguous tissue
components.  Symptoms range from occasional discomfort to debilitating yzpxf pain and severely
compromised jaw function.  The masticatory apparatus is not only involved in chewing and
swallowing but also in other critical tasks, including breathing and talking.  Specific etiologies such as trauma and degenerative arthritides underlie some forms of TMD but there is no common etiology or biological explanation. TMD is hence comprised of a heterogeneous group of health problems whose signs and symptoms are overlapping but not identical.  

Although broad longitudinal and cross-sectional epidemiological studies have not been carried out, TMD is estimated to affect about 12% of the general population, representing more than 34 million Americans.   The majority of those seeking treatment are women in their reproductive years.  As for many other pain conditions, the clinical scenario of TMD also tends to be more severe in women than men.  TM disorders are considered a serious health problem because many individuals lose their ability to hold regular jobs and to function productively even within the context of a household environment."

An article in Cranio by Shimshak et al. showed a 200-300% increase in medical expenses in all fields of medicine except obstetrics when patients carried a TMD diagnosis.  The consideration and treatment of TMJ disorders and the related disorders of the CranioMandibular neruomuscular that when the TM JOINTS are not involved is essential.

Unfortunately many physicians and dentists do not recognize a problem in the system when there are no specific joint problems.  The reason is they have no way to measure the physiological health of the system.  Neuromuscular Dentistry fills this void with objective information from EMG's, computerized Mandibular Scans, Joint Sonography and/or vibrational analysis.  Barney Jankelson the father of Neuromuscular Dentistry said "If it is measured it is a Fact otherwise it is an Opinion."  Neuromuscular dentists measure physiological data so they base their treatment on facts not opinion.  The diagnosis is made by the Dentist not by the computers but Neuromuscular Dentists have physiological that they use along with extensive an extensive history and physical examination.

Patients in Chicago, Milwaukee and throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin can contact Dr Ira L Shapira and Dr Mark J Amidei toll free at 1-800-TM-JOINT or

In addition to their Gurnee, Illinois office Dr Shapira has established Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates with offices in Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburb, Vernon Hills and Bannockburn.  Dr Shapira treats sleep apnea patients utilizing Dental Sleep Medicine which employs comfortable oral appliances instead of CPAP machines.  Dr Shapira plans on expanding those offices to include treatment of TMJ disorders and Headaches utilizing Neuromuscular Dentistry in the future.  He currently does initial consultations on TMJ and Headache  treatment at those locations.

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I HATE HEADACHES LLC provides information on Neuromuscular Dental Treatment of Migraines and other Headaches. I Hate CPAP LLC provides information on sleep apnea, sleep apnea treatment and cpap alternatives that are available at This is the premiere site for the promotion of Dental Sleep Medicine and Sleep Apnea Dentisits.
Sleep and Health Journal provides information on a wide variety of Sleep and Health issues.
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