Part 2 Why a website can grow your business!

In part #1 we discussed statistics on websites in the news.
Aug. 4, 2009 - PRLog -- In part #1 we discussed  statistics on websites in the news. We looked at another way too advertise on the web versus advertising the conventional way from our past.

Why because conventional advertising is expensive, compared too Internet advertising. With the way the economy is going on our beautiful planet it makes you wonder sometimes if advertising even makes sense ?

With all the negative support from the media it's no wonder why so many companies have thrown in the towel & locked their doors for good!
However if you are going to make it in this time of economic turmoil your going too have to make some executive decisions with the direction of your business.
Are you looking too ride the storm out ( which could be who knows how long? ) or are you going to put your best foot forward and do something about your financial future & the future of your business?

This might help you choose what your going to do? When you started your business did you have a dream of making something of your business with a whatever it takes attitude or did you say well if it works then fine if it doesn't then oh well I tried?

These are  two different ways of looking at a business that people own. How they attack the business shows the difference between a successful or failing attempt of business foundations.

The first attitude shows us that the owner is serious about their business, however it takes time, persistence & perseverance to achieve the goals of a well rounded business, knowing this is crucial for the the business owner. Otherwise he or she will give up too easy and they will fail. A can do attitude is essential to the growth of the business.

The second attitude about business was a failure before it started, it shows the owner who wasn't serious from the get go. They wanted instant business just because they thought they deserved it. We all deserve a good life. But it's what we do in life that we get what we deserve, if you walk through life not doing anything that you need to do then you get nothing. Hey it's not my rule it's the rule of the world.

Business & websites

Okay you have done all the advertising such as news paper, radio, Television , etc.
Chances are that you spent more than you budget allowed? However your attitude was the right choice you did the right thing with your business.

Give yourself a great big pat on the back. These are all essential  building blocks for a business, what I mean is at some point or time in your business 1 or all of them needed to be used for the business too grow, it all depended upon your budget for advertising.

Now as you may have noticed I left websites out of that list? Why? Because out of all the advertising we covered believe it or not having a website dedicated to your business 24/7 365 days a year is the one form of advertising that will fit everyone's advertising budget! Not only that but look at all the advertising options you have with a website?

1.It's a interactive billboard that customers have to hit a button to get to the next great offer you supply (not something that they throw in the trash out of their mail box )

2.Website marketing & Advertising campaign - reaching billions of customers Looking for your product's or service's

3.Classified internet ads – Premium qualified leads to your business

4.Business blogs back linked to your business – This brings customers to you that may have not known you had a business.

5.Search engines on the (world wide web) pointing to your business – Such as Google, Yahoo, Msn. This brings targeted traffic to your business, people are searching everyday for product's & service's you may offer.

6.Web video on or linked to your site – better than T.V. Commercials you can put as little or as much as you want on it for a fraction of the cost of television.

7.Massive spam free - email campaigns to customers who want your product's or service's.

I could go on and on this is just a scratch in the surface. The point here is that you will reach more customers looking for you than you looking for them. That is the way business should be.
Hey people deserve what you have too offer, do yourself and business a favor give it too them! I know what you may be saying I don't have time for all that?

I say when will you have time when your business fails or is out of business?

The future is now the internet revolution is here, you need to get with the program or the program may just get you.

Don't believe it? What is your competition doing? Are they on the net? Chances are yes.
Out of all the people I have come across in my professional life of sales, the one question I have received the most is do you have a website? Lord yes I do!

I have found that most of my customers want to know this because they felt that it made me look more professional & serious about my business.

People want too know you have a online presence for your business. Just ask them if you don't believe me.

If you truly do not have the time for this type of marketing then call me I do it for a living
I'm for hire and my prices are reasonable.

Call Dennis Harlow (731) 584-9842


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