Tamiflu Causes Delirium and Suicide in Children

What the government isn’t boasting about is that their supply of Tamiflu is about ready to expire. The other thing they aren’t explaining to the public is the risk of delirium and suicide for children taking Tamiflu.
By: Byron J Richards
May 1, 2009 - PRLog -- Our government is trumpeting how on the ball it is to get its strategic stockpile of Tamiflu out to the public.  What they aren’t boasting about is that their supply is about ready to expire.  The other thing they aren’t explaining to the public is the risk of delirium and suicide for children taking Tamiflu.
During 2006 our government received at various points in the year 20 million doses of Tamiflu at a cost of 2 billion dollars to prepare for the avian bird flu pandemic that never came.  The product has a three year shelf life, though I would wonder a little bit about how good it is that close to expiration.
Regardless, Tamiflu will only work, if it works at all, on the first wave of individuals taking it.  After that, the Swine flu will mutate around it.  This resistance to Tamiflu or other anti-viral drugs will occur relatively quickly, and long before any vaccine is developed.  Our government is very poorly prepared, contrary to their assertions.
It should be pointed out that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a warning label to Tamiflu back in November of 2006, based on numerous reports of delirium and suicide mostly in children under 17.  Side effects occurred within 24-48 hours of taking the drug and included panic attacks, delusions, delirium, convulsions, depression, loss of consciousness, and even suicide.
Back in 2006 the FDA said ““We are concerned that when/if the use of this drug increases in the U.S. … there may be increasing cases of adverse consequence in the U.S.”  That time appears to be now.
The revised FDA warning states, “People with the flu, particularly children, may be at an increased risk of self-injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior.”
That is a very weak warning considering that three normal children jumped/fell to their death after taking the drug – one even leaving a suicide note.  Other children were struck with psychosis, delusions, and paranoia – all in formerly normal children.
Our government is planning to push widespread Tamiflu use for millions of Americans, including children – and so far I haven’t heard one warning to parents about the actual risks of giving this drug to their children.

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