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Abdurrahman bin Saba' . The treachery of Syi'i to Rasulullah's ahlul Bait
By: Abu Daud, Ibn Katsir
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Jan. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- The Punishment Of Syi'i Or Alawi By 'Ali bin Abi Thalib Radhiyallahu 'anhu

'an Ikrimah, that 'Ali Radhiyallahu 'anhu had burned Murtadin (apostates). The news spread to Ibn Abbas Radhiyallahu 'anhu then he said, "I will not punish Murtadin with fire. Because Rasulullah Shalallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam had said, 'Don't punish humans with Allah's torture (fire).'
(Shahih Al Bukhari, Abu Daud 4351).

This was what happen with the followers of Abdurahman bin Saba'(Jews) followers.

Abdul Qadir bin Thahir Al Baghdadi said in Al Farq Bainal Firaq page 37, "The Rafidhah of Kufah were known of their treachery and stingyness, so they became a bad example for this." Always said by people "Fulan is more of traitor rather than Kufah people, Fulan is more stingy than Kufah people."

What is known (Masyhur) from them were:

1. After the killing of Ali bin Abi Thalib, they Bai'at his son Al Hasan bin 'Ali radhiyallahu 'anhu. But then they did treacherous acts against him in the road of Al Madain. Al Hasan radhiyallahu 'anhu was stabbed in the stomach by Sinan Al Ju'fi until he was fell from his horse.

2. They sent a letter to Al Husein bin 'Ali radhiyallahu 'anhu and invited him to Kufah. When they were arrived at Karbala, they did treacherous acts against him and became 1 hand with Ubaidullah bin Ziyad became 1 hand to fight him, which caused the killing of Al Husain and all of his families.

3. Their treacherous acts to Zaid bin 'Ali bin Al Husain bin 'Ali bin Abi Thalib after they gone out to fight Yusuf bin Umar, and then they released their BAI'AT and handed him to the enemies, which got him killed in that war.

Bidayah wan Nihayah by Ibn Katsir(7/274 and 280) , Al Bidayah by Ibn Katsir(8/149), Siyar A'lam An Nubala' by Adz Dzahabi(3/280), Al Bidayah by Ibn Katsir (9/273), Siyar A'lam An Nubala' by Adz Dzahabi(5/389).
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