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The American Dream is Burning
The American Dream is Burning
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Nov. 21, 2008 - PRLog -- Tapsearch Com features Artist, Advocate and Editor of Tapart News and Art that Talks, Ray Tapajna.  Ray is an advocate for workers dignity, fair trade and the common good. He mixes published commentaries and articles mixed with his thought provoking art.  His most popular artwork is  The Clinton Years, The American Dream Reversed, which is now part of more than 4 million search results referenced on Yahoo, Altavista, Google etc.  ( Search under Clinton Years American Dream Reversed for thousands of references. )

He is also rated as a expert author at  Ezine Articles.  Many of his articles are published by ezines and third party blogs.  As we know, the internet  freely expresses many views and Ray is not responsible for certain views and art by others on some of these third party ezines and  blogs.

His main site is at tapsearch.com/tapartnews/  Other related sites include tapsearch.com/flatworld where he explores the lost worlds in the globalist free traders flat world as presented by Thomas Friedman in his book The World is Flat. Ray's review is based on the real world from the streets of USA and not on theory. He describes his review as a "corker"  .

He also provided  a long review of The Age of Turbulence, authored by Alan Greenspan prior to the current financial crisis.  His review  proved to be a forecast of our current money crisis.

Basically, it is all about economies based on making money on money instead of making things burning out because the only tangible value is the manipulations and transactions of money to create value.  The real tangible value and asset are workers and labor. However this value has been radically deflated in our times with tariffs taken off products and put on workers and labor.  Deflation hit labor. It was hidden but now it is exposed in the current financial crisis.  See this review starting with www.bizarrepolitics.com/greenspan-dancing-in-the-dark  .  Bizarre Politics explores more untold stories behind the news including the current money crisis.  The bail outs of big money is a new kind of Socialist Capitalism reversed for the investment communities. In essence from here on in, the stock market can be described as being subsidized by a new working poor class in the USA.

Following this further, Ray explores labor and workers as the "stepchildren" of philosophy and religion prqob with the common good fragmented into a thousand pieces. It is similar to what happened to the U.S. economy.  The U.S. won World War 2 based on its awesome industrial might ignited by Lend Lease programs. (  This  is one of  Ray's top articles featured at  Ezine Article Com - Lend Lease was real free trade and not chopped liver as in the globalist world. )   Later the Marshall Plan backed by this awesome industrial might restored European and Asian local value added economies. It was based on duplicating success and not based on shredding it into pieces.   Free trade and Globalization came and chopped up this industrial might into pieces and shipped the parts across the globe.
Economies switch to making money on money instead of making things without any real foundation.  See  therationale.com for a deeper look.

Search under tapsearch, tapart news, Ray Tapajna, tapsearch unlimited free, arkline art and Clinton Years American Dream Reversed to explore more and view Ray's Topical Editorial art.  A gallery can be viewed at arklineart.fotopages.com .

Adam Smith, who is used by Globalists and free traders to promote their cause, held labor and workers as something sacred and the core of all societies.
Ray keeps asking ,  who said we had to compete like this in a global economic arena. We do not need any conspiracy theories to know that globalization has not evolved in any natural economic fashion, but has been driven by powerful forces inside goverment , the investment community and vast transnational corporations.  Now we see what can happen when this is pushed - a world money crisis.

Actually, the new Federal Reserve Chairman said it all. Ben Bernanke said the American people should buy " domestically produced goods" with their economic stimulus money to stimulate the economy.  He practiced free trade heresy in making this statement  but he said it all in just a few short sentences. ( See www.bizarrepolitics.com/ben-says-buy-use )

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