Offers Web Based Audio Mastering For Musicians, Producers And Labels

The internet centric audio mastering studio service presents the next big step in professional audio mastering online. Their new web interface connects musicians and producers with their high-end mastering studios in Germany.
Aug. 27, 2008 - PRLog --, the provider of high-end audio audio mastering studio services online,  presents their new website with an innovative,  freshly upgraded interface that delivers a convincing experience of quality and customer satisfaction, making audio mastering via internet more convenient, more secure and also more fun to use.

Professional music mastering is an important stage of the mixing process as audio mastering adds the final touches to a recording, bringing out all sonic details of a mix. A mastered track sounds more balanced on a range of different playback devices (e.g. ipod, car stereo,...), as the process enhances the sound quality, adding more clarity and dimension, loudness, punch and impact to a track. The audio professionals of treat their clients’ productions carefully with leading-edge analog and digital studio gear to bring the music up to commercial sound standards – ready for the pressing plant or digital distribution.

Customers can create a free account on the website and within seconds they are ready to upload their music straight into the online mastering studio. As a special service, offers a so-called 'satisfaction guarantee'.  New clients receive a free mastering demo to check the sonic benefits of a professional mastering – before making any payments.

Online-mastering charges competitive flat rates per track. All additional mixes e.g. edits, cuts and instrumentals are included (as long as the mixes match the original sound-wise). Customers have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal in the currency of their choice to get instant access to their masters after all work is done.

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About was one the first companies entirely focussing on web based audio mastering services. Today serves a client base of 1000+ customers worldwide, providing bands, musicians and record labels in more than 35 countries with professional audio mastering online. The companies' studios are located in Braunschweig, near Hannover, Germany.

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T: +49 531 2146890
F: +49 531 2146892

# # #, the web based audio mastering studio service from Germany provides musicians, artists, bands and labels around the globe with professional music mastering online.

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