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We have always stated that major world governments have known about UFOs since World War II. Recent developments support this: The UK's Ministry of Defence has released UFO files, and the Vatican's Head astronomer has acknowledged UFOs.
UFO or Flying Saucer
UFO or Flying Saucer
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May 29, 2008 - PRLog -- The Aetherius Society has always stated that not only do UFOs exist but that major world governments have known of their existence since World War II. We have always maintained that the extraterrestrial intelligences in UFOs have come predominately with a spiritual message for this Earth - a message in harmony with the teachings of the founders of the great world religions.

Recent developments support this:

  1. UFO files have been released by the Ministry of Defence in the UK and made available from their national archives. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7398108.stm)

  2. Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, Head of the Vatican Observatory, endorsed UFOs and extraterrestrial life. (http://www.theweekdaily.com/news_opinion/world_news_opinion/41592/the_vaticans_extraterrestrial_endorsement.html)

The extraterrestrial contacts of the late Founder/President of The Aetherius Society - Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King are unique and demand serious and open minded investigation. The message of the space people outlined in these contacts is more vital to the world today than at any time. Their message is one of spiritual action rather than theory and cooperation instead of competition - a message that can be adopted by all people irrespective of creed or class. These contacts have been verified over and over again throughout the years and one example is as follows:

Chernobyl, Soviet Union 1986

At 8:30am (Pacific time) on April 25th, 1986, 4 hours and 53 minutes before the accident at Chernobyl, Dr. George King, a Western Master of Yoga and extra-terrestrial contactee for over 30 years, was informed by a space intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 that an emergency situation was about to occur.

At the time of this contact Dr. King was at Lake Powell, Utah. He immediately activated special radionic apparatus which he had designed called Spiritual Energy Radiators. These Spiritual Energy Radiators release highly concentrated charges of Spiritual Energy into the earth atmosphere where it can be utilized to help bring Peace and Environmental balance.

In all, 6,000 Prayer hours of Spiritual Energy were released prior to the accident occurring and over 46,000 Prayer hours of Spiritual Energy were released over the next three days! It was not until April 29th when Dr. King returned from the lake that he learned what this emergency had been.
Ref: Cosmic Voice, Volume 7, Issue 8/9, July 1986.

The Aetherius Society continues to cooperate with extraterrestrials in specific Cosmic Missions which are helping the world behind the scenes - manipulating and radiating a most important energy - an energy which is more vital to the world than oil or electricity. This energy can help in earthquakes and floods, in famine and war, in all imbalances which afflict mankind... it is a free flowing energy - freely available - and infinite in its supply. Spiritual Energy is the energy which is most needed and yet least understood - its true use will guarantee a bright future for mankind.

For further information and interviews visit http://www.aetherius.org.nz
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