QuiiQ Announces A Partnership With mceshop.fr

QuiiQ LDA announces a partnership with www.mceshop.fr to sell QuiiQ MOVIES and QuiiQ AUTOMATION integrated with their top of the line HTPC in the French market.
April 24, 2008 - PRLog -- QuiiQ LDA, the pioneer in software development for automation and entertainment solutions, is proud to announce a strong partnership with www.mceshop.fr, the French leader in community website (http://www.vistamediacenter.fr) and shop (http://www.mceshop.fr) for Windows Vista Media Center applications and HTPC.

www.mceshop.fr is going to sell QuiiQ MOVIES and QuiiQ AUTOMATION integrated with their top of the line HTPC in the French market.

“We are very excited with this partnership because the community of Vista Media Center users is growing and pushing the software and HTPC machines to a new level,” said Rui F. Almeida, CEO of QuiiQ LDA and also responsible for the Design and Usability department. “The European market regarding Media Center product is behind the USA market, and vistamediacenter.fr is a great example of an innovative company that will contribute in the future to the promotion and grouth of this area.”

www.mceshop.fr has announced the opening of their online store for the 2 of june of 2008 with  QuiiQ MOVIES and QuiiQ AUTOMATION as their main software application for automation and entertainment on the HTPC machines.

“QuiiQ is one of the most active companies in Media Center technologies and QuiiQ products are on the way to become inevitable, the quality orientation of our company return the obligatory use of this software” said Nicolas VAULAY, owner of www.mceshop.fr and opinion leader for the Vista Media Center comunity.



Le Brias II
12250 Tournemire, France
Website: www.mceshop.fr
email : contact@mceshop.fr
Tel : +33 (0) 952 645 463
Fax : +33 (0] 957 645 463


QuiiQ MOVIES is a brand new way to archive, manage and watch your entire movies collection. Just use your remote control to transform your TV box into a glamorous cinema projector with direct links to your favorite titles, actors, directors and digital copies of your movies. QuiiQ MOVIES has a powerful user friendly interface, controlled either by touch displays, remote controls or wireless keyboards. It is highly effective with vast databases and provides access to thousands of titles, actors and directors instantly. QuiiQ MOVIES is designed in MCML for the new Windows Vista™ Media Center platform.


QuiiQ AUTOMATION is a visualization and control software bundle that gives you a simple, yet powerful control of home divisions, environments, routines and devices, allowing you to discover the world of integrated features delivered from both digital entertainment and home control systems. QuiiQ AUTOMATION is a plug-and-play bundle fully functional with any DOMOTIC protocol and completely compatible with any available DOMOTIC installation. QuiiQ AUTOMATION works on top of a Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Media Center and XP platform and is built with a high intuitive user-oriented interface.


QuiiQ, LDA is a software company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of user-oriented, high-intuitive and easily configurable Home Automation and Home Entertainment software solutions based on Microsoft Windows
platform. QuiiQ's leadership includes high-level professionals whose competences goes from a large and international experience in IT business to a solid presence in the integrated systems market.

QuiiQ MOVIES is available for download in the QuiiQ website www.quiiq.com/downloads.

For more information, please visit http://www.quiiq.com.

Original document: www.quiiq.com/press/docs/QuiiQ-Press-Release-23Fev2008-MCESHOP.pdf

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