Free ZIP Code Lookup Now Includes Local Gas Prices. is proud to announce, along with its already extensive free ZIP Code lookup, it now offers local gas prices by ZIP Code.
Feb. 4, 2008 - PRLog -- is the one place you can find local a Free ZIP Code lookup, real estate listings by Zip Code, real estate search, local news by ZIP Code, local weather conditions, local events and activities by Zip Code, hotels by Zip Code, and local gas prices. offers free ZIP Code demographics including City , County , State, Area Code, Additional Area Code, State FIPS Code, County FIPS Code, FIPS Code, Estimated Population, PMSA Code, MSA Code, Time Zone, Latitude, Longitude , ZIP Code Area, County Area, ZIP Code Type, number of Businesses, NAICS 2004 , number of Employees, NAICS 2004, First Quarter Payroll in, thousands NAICS 2004 , Primary 108th, Congressional District, Secondary 108th, Congressional District, CBSA Type, Percent Urban, Region, Division, Total Housing, Units 2000 Census, Median Household Income, Mean Poverty Ratio, Average House Value, Median Household, Income  Index, Mean Poverty Ratio Index, Average House Value Index, 109th Congressional Dist, Annual Payroll in thousands, and NAICS 2004.

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About Us, the most comprehensive free ZIP Code lookup powered with ZIP Code demographics powered by along with constantly updated news, real estate listings and local gas prices. You can search by Zip Code, Town/City, County, or Area Code. You can also search distance between two Zip Codes.


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