McKinsol unveils 'Blue-Tag' Advisory Services, boosting IT consulting for Consumer Industries

McKinsol launches Blue-Tag Advisory Services, offering tailored strategies, ROI analysis, tech planning, tools, and industry insights to empower organizations in SAP initiatives, fostering long-term success. Visit us at
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McKinsol 'Blue-Tag' Advisory
McKinsol 'Blue-Tag' Advisory
EDISON, N.J. - April 26, 2024 - PRLog -- McKinsol, a niche advisory and consulting firm focused on Consumer Industries such as Fashion, Retail, CPG, and Life Sciences, is excited to announce the launch of its premium advisory services under 'Blue-Tag' business unit.

McKinsol is committed to becoming the preferred partner for organizations undertaking SAP-related strategic initiatives and transformations in Consumer Industries. Our goal is to set the standard for delivering customized advisory services. We empower clients to navigate the complex process of strategizing, planning, executing, and tracking the value realization of their initiatives, ensuring their success in a dynamic market. Additionally, our premium service assists in formulating IT-enabled business growth strategies in collaboration with the business.

At McKinsol, we understand that clients often find themselves at a crossroad, torn between choosing an SAP technical upgrade or embarking on a business transformation journey. They grapple with crucial questions such as the business case, return on investment (ROI), and the optimal technology landscape.

Guided by our 'Client First' philosophy and proprietary portfolio of iRACE tools and methodology, 'Blue-Tag' advisory is dedicated to addressing these challenges.

"We are pleased to introduce our 'Blue-Tag' advisory services, representing a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering organizations in the Consumer Industries," stated Anurag Varshney, Chief Strategist at McKinsol. "With our highly skilled team of global executive advisors, we provide unparalleled expertise, thought leadership, and tailored solutions. Our goal is to become the trusted partner for organizations embarking on SAP-related strategic initiatives and transformations. Through our offerings, we facilitate meaningful exchanges across companies and industries, incorporating leading industry practices into our recommendations."

Key features of McKinsol's 'Blue-Tag' Advisory Services include:
  1. Tailor-Made Strategy Roadmap: Ensure strategy roadmaps evolve with industry trends and technologies; include academia for insights on research and practices. Every customer is unique hence we customize approach and offering based on the goals and include approaches such as executive assessment, organization capability assessment, top down, bottom-up, governance framework, critical success factors etc. bringing the output in a easy to consume deliverables, which should help executives taking the effective decisions.
  2. Business Case and ROI Analysis: Establish frameworks for ongoing evaluation; collaborate with academia for refining evaluation methods.
  3. Technology Landscape Planning: Continuously update plans to align with tech advancements; involve academia for insights into emerging technologies.
  4. Tools and Accelerators: iDMX, our cutting-edge technology, forms the backbone of iCleanX. It leverages powerful AI automation to optimize data management processes and enhance operational efficiency and provides actionable insights.
  5. Defining and Selecting the Right Implementation Roadmap: Incorporate feedback loops for continuous improvement; include academia for diverse implementation perspectives.
  6. Learning from Industry Practices or Inclusion of Industry Practices: Engage in cross-organizational dialogues and leverage research from top business schools or academia for thought leadership into different areas such as business strategy, IT strategy, data strategy, process harmonization, finance, operations, HR, marketing, technology execution etc.
"The launch of Advisory Services vertical further strengthens McKinsol's position as a leader in the Consumer Industry IT and SAP consulting offering. In line with our commitment to continuous improvement and meeting the evolving needs of our clients, we are actively seeking to expand our talent pool," said, Jayant Chhallani, Managing Partner, Consumer Industries at McKinsol. "With this strategic expansion we intend to add capacity to address our growing business needs and introduce new niche skills that will further enhance our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients."

With our 'Blue-Tag' Advisory Services, McKinsol is dedicated to building long-term relationships and driving exceptional outcomes for our clients. We are committed to fueling their success and growth, empowering them to navigate SAP-related strategic initiatives and transformations with confidence.
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