Duped (The Jezebel Experience) in production

The movie Duped (The Jezebel Experience) has bgun filming and due for 2025 release.
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - March 10, 2024 - PRLog -- In the quaint town of Maryland, where creativity flows like the Chesapeake Bay, independent filmmaker Elijah Martinez was about to embark on a journey that would test the boundaries of love, trust, and deceit. Little did he know that the captivating tale he was about to tell on the big screen would soon become his own reality.

Elijah, a visionary filmmaker with dreams as vast as the Texas horizon, found himself entangled in a web spun by a charismatic and narcissistic woman named Alexandria Wright. Responding to a casting call for Elijah's latest project, Alexandria's initial interview swiftly transformed into a seduction, leaving Elijah captivated by her charms.

Over two weeks of late-night conversations filled with flattery, shared interests, and increasingly explicit content, Alexandria managed to weave herself into the fabric of Elijah's life. Before long, she proposed to him, and plans were set in motion for her to drive from Texas to Maryland to move in with Elijah.

Six months of intense long-distance conversations built a foundation of trust for Elijah, who eventually flew Alexandria to Maryland, where they committed to a marriage under the watchful eye of God, promising fidelity unless faced with adultery or physical abuse. Alexandria, however, harbored secrets that would soon unveil themselves in the most sinister of ways.

Unbeknownst to Elijah, Alexandria practiced witchcraft and did not hold the same belief in God as he did. As their marriage unfolded, Elijah discovered the unthinkable – Alexandria had cheated on him, and her sister, whom she had sworn upon, had passed away. The revelation left Elijah questioning the very core of his relationship.

Faced with the harsh reality of infidelity, Alexandria's feelings towards Elijah took a dark turn. Fueled by hatred, she plotted his demise and secretly contracted an incurable STD during her extramarital escapades. The couple ceased all sexual relations after her diagnosis, and Alexandria, hungry for new supply, callously discarded Elijah on Christmas Eve.

As the devil whispered in the details, Elijah's life unraveled, exposing the twisted web of lies and manipulation that Alexandria had woven around him. In this film of betrayal, deceit, and the occult, Elijah faced the challenge of rebuilding his life and artistry while confronting the demons that had invaded his world. The curtain rises, and the story unfolds – a cautionary tale of love lost to the snares of a narcissistic enchantress.


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