The Seven Benchmarks of the 21st Century--Will We Collectively Prepare?

Both Republican and Democratic parties have led us to the cliff's edge. When will voters demand a plan for tackling Global Warming and our other crises and for splitting the atom of Human Potential?
By: Revolution of the Human Spirit
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Everyone Solving Everything
Everyone Solving Everything
NEW YORK - Jan. 25, 2024 - PRLog -- A Revolution of the Human Spirit,

And Seven Benchmarks of the 21st Century

The Republican primaries are now officially underway that the Iowa Caucuses have come and passed with Donald Trump winning 51% of the vote.  Trump, Ron Desantis, Nikki Haley are considered 'strong Republicans' wanting a strong Southern border, lower taxes, a refurbished US military with more spending than we presently have which stands at 766 million dollars, and quite ironically, a 'non-functional memory' that excuses the insurrection of January 6th 2021 and even various acts of sedition.

The Democrats, in contrast, under the leadership of President Joe Biden want to increase spending for social programs, protect Medicare and Social Security, improve race relations, secure abortion rights, and champion other so-called liberal causes.

However, despite whatever personal inclinations you may have, since 1986 the Republicans and the Democrats have both brought us to the brink of disaster as The Anthropocene Era and The 6th Extinction are upon us.  They became aware of Global Warming through the testimony of Jim Hansen, a NASA scientist, and later on, Dr. Carl Sagan – and they did nothing.

A Revolution of the Human Spirit is a fledgling world-wide movement that is focused on creating a peace plan for the 21st century based upon systematically solving Global Warming and other crises and by splitting the atom of human potential.

Presently, we are raising funds on and are postulating the question:  If the American public was notoriously late in becoming aware en masse of Global Warming, what other major events are headed our way in which we are not prepared for?

The first benchmark, obviously, is becoming aware of these global crises; and the second benchmark is to realize that Global Warming is a done deal and that we need to be on a War Footing.   The third benchmark consists of the fact that we will engage in a thorough re-evaluation of ourselves when it finally sinks in that we have destroyed the world and have oppressed 3-4 billion people.  We will eventually ask ourselves:  We have followed 'The Good' and 'The so-called Bottom Line' but where has it led us?

The fourth benchmark is that we need to acknowledge that we have had a myopic view of things, and begin assiduously planning for the long-term, not the short-term.  Americans vociferously complain about inflation, our southern border, and political stagnation, but what will happen in 2050 (according to UN Report) when 1 billion to 200 million are migrating, and in addition to this, at least, twenty percent of the American workforce is unemployed due to AI.

The fifth benchmark consists of creating a new vision for ourselves where we analyze and make a conscious choice between fascism, dystopian governments, and a viable populist democracy that we can create within 30-50 years' time by, once again, splitting the atom of human potential.

The sixth benchmark is exactly doing that by empowering American citizens with knowledge and the technologies in the following manner: 1) To live 200-150 years; 2) To regrow organs; 3) To cure cancer with nanotechnologies and biotechnologies; 4) To activate more brains cells and improve our neural network signatures; and 5) To expand human consciousness both on the individual and collective levels. Please see The Hundredth Monkey Effect.

The seventh benchmark is: Will we choose people power or will we let dysfunctional governments and greedy corporations lead us to our final state of doom?

Presently, we are creating our website and are in the beginning stages of working with Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, Michael Moore and many others. We can be reached here:  In order to kick start things, some of our members are going on a hunger fast for an actual comprehensive Peace Plan for the 21st century.

Our project is on at:,

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