Kyle Rittenhouse receives commendation from Veterans for Trump

Veterans for Trump has issued a public commendation statement on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse announced Angie Wong VFAF National Media Rep.
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Kyle Rittenhouse with Stan Fitzgerald
Kyle Rittenhouse with Stan Fitzgerald
KENOSHA, Wis. - May 30, 2023 - PRLog -- By Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First:

Self-defense is a fundamental right of all humanity. Self-defense of ourself, self-defense of our family, self-defense of our community and self-defense of our country.

That aforementioned self-defense statement By Andrew Smith was run in the December 1, 2020 Anchorage Alaska Daily News with an intro of "I think we can all agree that we each have a right to self-defense"

The highly praised statement was not about the use of deadly force to defend oneself; it was pertaining to mask mandates and other pandemic health measures. That statement received high commendation from many presumed left leaning pundits.

Just as our nation was divided primarily by political party on the pandemic safety measures in 2020 the Rittenhouse verdict in November 2021 was received with the same political divide.  The not guilty verdict seemed to have left leaning pundits ignoring not just the fundamental right to self-defense they touted throughout the pandemic but the evidence itself of the case.

NPR , a left leaning outlet , issued a report on 11-19-21 with their own legal expert stating "I think that anyone who saw the evidence could see that the jury might have a difficult time coming to a unanimous decision that Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't defending himself," said Julius Kim, a defense attorney and former prosecutor.

During the trial Prosecutors said that Rittenhouse had put himself in danger through a series of reckless choices including that he came to Kenosha during a period of violent and destructive riots.

The point of our organization issuing a public commendation on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse is not to debate the 2021 verdict but we would be remiss if we did not point out the absurdity of the prosecutions case.  Kyle ran from attackers attempting to de-escalate the situation and didn't use deadly force until he felt forced to stand his ground. The prosecution to argue he put himself in danger by being in an area with violent riots to somehow negate ones right to self-defense is the most absurd legal argument.

On February 1 , 2023 a federal judge ruled a civil suit against Rittenhouse could proceed. The suit alleges Kyle Rittenhouse conspired with law enforcement to cause harm to protestors which based on the public findings of the criminal trial and verdict is also absurd and leads our organization to now issue a public commendation of Rittenhouse.

" Kyle Rittenhouse has been through hell at his young age. After his acquittal both sides of the political aisle issued statements about the verdict. Kyle remained in the spotlight as a political talking point, rather than a human being, until the talking points became old news.  We want the nation to know that Veterans for Trump stands with Kyle now and going forward. Kyle is not just a political talking point.  Kyle is a brave young man who took a stand against what the prosecutors admitted were violent and destructive riots (not peaceful protests). Kyle deserves the praise of our nation for his efforts of placing himself in harm's way to defend life and property when others stayed home and did nothing. Kyle has our full support at Veterans for Trump and we commend his bravery"

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Kyle Rittenhouse Being Sued For Self Defense


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