Kim Baker Featured in New Book The Future Is Human by Jeanet Wade

By: Vivid Performance Group
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Kim Baker Leads Seminar
Kim Baker Leads Seminar
ST. LOUIS - May 1, 2023 - PRLog -- Kim Baker, a highly respected corporate team builder/designer, speaker, and owner of Vivid Performance Group, is featured in a new e-book The Future Is Human by Jeanet Wade, an author, business consultant and Expert EOS Implementer™.

Baker contributed a chapter entitled "Trust Bridges Human Needs to Business Results". The e-book is a companion to Wade's original hardcover The Human Team®.

"We all know that business owners and leaders have a need for business results. Without business results there is no business," Baker writes. "But business owners and leaders and their teams are human. And humans have a need for connection. Trust is the bridge between the business need for results, and the human need for connection. Trust enables both; the human connection and the business results."

Baker, as quoted previously in an article by Wade in Forbes, Growth Must Be Built On A Foundation Of Trust ( said, "One big reason that trust building often fails is that leaders wait until the lack of trust is obvious then treat trust building like an event. But what we know when it comes to building trust is that we build it incrementally over time and no amount of nurturing can make up for a culture that lacks the basic elements of trust."

She added: "Trust building is often mishandled by leaders because they lack a fundamental understanding of the three factors that make trust building a challenge which is that trust is defined differently by each of us, the word trust can be emotionally provocative, and we refer and discuss trust in the abstract, yet we build and break trust through our actions."

"The first and most critical misstep I see is when leaders attempt to build trust is that they do not use a behavior-based framework. If we want to strengthen trust, we must focus on the behaviors that build and break trust," said Baker.

"The Reina Trust Building® model provides a method to define, measure and build trust behaviors in the workplace. The Reina Trust Building® assessments provide a tool for establishing a baseline measurement of trust within teams, leader relationships and organizations."


Kim Baker is a team builder/designer, corporate consultant, and speaker. She is a Certified Reina Trust Building® implementer and is certified as a Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) in Conflict Resolution from Eckerd College and Mediation Training Institute (MTI). Baker offers new conflict management-related solutions including mediation and assessment and debrief of the Conflict Dynamics Profile®-CDP, an instrument which measures an individual's conflict behaviors and hot buttons. For more information visit  Conflict Management Solutions, Mediation Solutions or


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