People First Content Cracks the Code on AI Writing Software

Detailed analysis shows that AI content cannot fully replicate human thought.
TULSA, Okla. - Feb. 6, 2023 - PRLog -- The internet is abuzz with the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools that can churn out hundreds of words on any given topic in seconds.

AI writing has plenty of philosophical implications that are yet to be resolved. However, when it comes to more practical matters, many businesses are wondering whether they can trust AI writing software as much as, or more than, human writers.

Some companies are having a lot of success with adding AI content to their business. For example, Buzzfeed saw their stocks jump 150% after announcing they would start using ChatGPT to produce personalized content.

However, CNET didn't share that success when it was outed for publishing AI-generated news stories riddled with errors.

People First Content has published an article on how different AI writing software platforms work. In addition, the article distills the differences between text generated by AI and that generated by humans using data gathered from GPTZero, a tool specifically designed to gauge the "humanness" of writing.

"The rise of AI writing software has been on my mind for years," says People First Content CEO Kate Williams. "That's why I've had my team research these tools to determine their effectiveness compared with human writing."

The People First Content team has been using AI software for over a year to help with content ideation and to quickly gather information they can use to create high-quality content thoughtfully.

"I don't believe AI software will ever replace human intelligence," Williams continues. "It can, however, help us save time collecting certain types of information so we can focus our efforts on the more complex and nuanced aspects of writing great content."

Their most recent study demonstrates that, while AI writing software can be a handy tool to cut some of the busy work out of writing, it is not reliable or human enough to be used exclusively for businesses that want to provide valuable content for their readers.

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People First Content is a fractured content team that works as an extension of marketing teams for small businesses. They help small companies develop and implement content strategies that generate organic website traffic through blogs, email, social media, and lead magnets.


Kate Williams

Kate Williams

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