About Proxy IP, How Much Do You Know?

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HONG KONG - Dec. 27, 2022 - PRLog -- What is the proxy IP?

Proxy IP is a proxy server, which is an important security function. Its work is mainly in the dialogue layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, thus playing the role of a firewall. IP is the only identity address and identity certificate required to surf the Internet, and the proxy IP is an intermediate platform in our online process. Your computer accesses the proxy IP first, and then the proxy IP accesses the page you clicked.

So what is left in the access record of this page is the address of the proxy IP, not your computer's local IP.

Proxy IP classification:

According to the degree of anonymity:

1. Transparent proxy IP

It is easy for the website to recognize that you are using a proxy IP, thereby restricting or prohibiting your access to the website.

2. Ordinary anonymous proxy IP

Compared with transparent proxy IP, ordinary anonymous proxy IP will be slightly better. But it just seems to hide the IP address, if you want to check, you can still find the source IP.

3. Highly anonymous proxy IP

A high-anonymity proxy IP is very safe. It can hide your real IP, and there is basically no risk of being discovered. It is the first choice of many individuals and companies.

The main function of proxy IP

1. Break through access restrictions

In order to ensure service security or other reasons, many websites will restrict access users through IP addresses. For example, multiple requests from the same IP address in a short period of time will be restricted. Using a third-party proxy server can dynamically switch the IP address required by users. Access to break through restrictions.

2. Reduce latency

The proxy server itself has the function of caching. When external information passes through, or when the previously requested information is updated, it will be automatically saved in the cache. When the user accesses the same information next time, the cached information can be directly read, thereby improving the access speed.

3. Protect privacy and security

The Socks5 proxy protocol can hide its real IP address, so the IP address left in the accessed server is actually the address of the proxy server, so that harmful websites cannot obtain the user's real IP address, so as to protect network information security. The role of preventing hacking attacks.

IP2World Residential Proxy provides users with Socks5 Proxy search and verification, supports setting web pages for verification, setting the maximum number of connections, etc. The Socks5 protocol plays an intermediary role between the front-end machine and the server using the TCP/IP protocol communication, enabling the front-end machine of the internal network to access the server on the Internet, making communication more secure.

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