A Rubric Experience for Measuring Agility

Scrum Adventures, Inc. introduces its new Agility Metrics Engine
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Agility Metrics Engine
Agility Metrics Engine
LONG BEACH, Calif. - Oct. 13, 2022 - PRLog -- Scrum Adventures, Inc., a professional Agile services firm providing expertise in Agile coaching, training, and transformation solutions, announces today its release of a new tool built for Scrum teams — their Agility Metrics Engine. By assessing the current behavior of Scrum teams, this online tool uses a rubric approach to allow a Scrum team and / or an Agile Coach to evaluate the team's efforts for measuring their agile maturity.

Scrum Adventures knows that a fundamental Agile principle is related to performing continuous improvement initiatives. Agile processes (e.g., empiricism) enable the team to reflect on how to become more effective and then be able to tune / adjust its behavior accordingly. But even Agile teams can face challenges trying to answer the question "how agile is our team?". Without a well-defined comprehensible means to know which team behavior changes should be made, the team can mistakenly refer to incorrect types of measurements to determine their agility.

This is where the Scrum Adventures' Agility Metrics Engine comes in. The tool uses a rubric concept for Scrum teams to self-evaluate their events based on observable behaviors associated with "Under-Performing", "Improving", and "High-Performing". The events to be observed include the core Scrum events of Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective and additionally the Product Backlog Refinement event. Agility measurement is also available for measuring Scrum Master Accountability and Agile Coaching.

So why did Scrum Adventures utilize the rubric concept for measuring agility? Rubric is defined as a scoring guide which is used to evaluate performance, a product, or a project. It defines what is expected, what will be assessed, and includes three elements - performance criteria, rating scale and indicators. It's an ideal approach for measuring team and individual behavior.

Then why does the tool matter? It matters because the Agility Metrics Engine:
  • Embraces the Scrum pillars of empiricism: transparency, inspection, and adaptation
  • Discloses measurement results allowing for improvement efforts to be tracked for progress
  • Measures & tracks team agility…not velocity
  • Understands that achieving High-Performing teams is the goal where teams are focused on the highest amount of outcome with the least amount of output
  • Allows for Agile Coaching measure of Scrum team agility
  • Allows for feedback and responses from the organization
About Scrum Adventures, Inc.
Scrum Adventures, Inc. is a professional Agile services firm providing Agile coaching, training, and transformation solutions. Scrum Adventures is committed to a "People–To–People" focus encouraging teamwork and celebrating individualism; developing relationships; engaging proactively, transparently and respectfully with the people in the communities that the firm serves; being committed to building client relationships by collaborating with individuals inside each client organization; and being committed to each other and the firm's partners with respect, trust and personal support.

About CaDoMi™ Tools
Because each organization's Agile transformation journey is unique, the CaDoMi™ Ecosystem was created as an adaptable and customizable framework within the CaDoMi™ solution and consists of Teams, Programs and Products to act as a transformation guide. A key component of the Ecosystem is CaDoMi™ Tools, an all-in-one platform which offers a large range of features that help Agile teams measure their agility, predict their future work, and help them visualize what can be done. CaDoMi™ Tools is available for free, premium, and enterprise subscribers.


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