Construction Begins on Comprehensive Sedation Dentistry Center in Frederick Maryland

The Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center will provide a universal option for sedation dentistry in the State of Maryland, with all dental procedures and sedation levels fully supported under one roof.
By: Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center
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Md Sedation Dentistry And Surgical Center
Md Sedation Dentistry And Surgical Center
FREDERICK, Md. - Aug. 5, 2022 - PRLog -- We are excited to announce that the construction of the new Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center (MSD&SC) at 60 Thomas Johnson Drive Suite 2 in Frederick, Maryland has commenced with the drum beat of concrete saws and jackhammers preparing the site for dental and anesthesia plumbing, equipment and operating rooms. Upon completion in late 2022, the center will establish a convenient and cost-effective option for every dentist in the state of Maryland to now be considered a "sedation dentist". Dentists can begin the process of getting credentialed to use the facility immediately.  No advanced sedation license will be required by dentists using this facility, because this facility will be accredited by AAAHC and staffed by board certified anesthesiologist and will be licensed as an outpatient surgical center.   All Maryland licensed dentists can now provide general anesthesia and IV Sedation to their patients in an accredited surgical center, 100% dedicated to dentists and dental procedures.   The center will provide outpatient dental sedation and anesthesia services to children and adults via an expertly staffed and fully equipped Category 1 certified facility.

Most dental professionals in conventional office settings are qualified to use only local anesthetics and inhalation sedation or "anxiolysis" techniques. Moreover, in the State of Maryland certified anesthesiologists are only permitted to render their services in Category 1 certified dental facilities or when the dentist has an advanced anesthesia license themselves, which are extremely rare. Historically, this has limited the options for procedures requiring IV sedation or general anesthesia and making it hard for patients who require sedation to obtain treatment they may need. "Almost no one can render patients unconscious in their dental office," says MSD&SC General Manager Stewart Stringer. "This leaves hospitals and general surgery centers as the remaining options, but they are reluctant to take on dental cases. They just don't want to waste operating room time on dental procedures."  This reluctance comes down to prioritization and revenue, with heart surgery, knee surgeries, eye surgeries and other high revenue surgical procedures given precedence by surgical centers and hospitals. At the same time, the infrequency of dental care performed in hospital settings can leave many dentists unfamiliar with systems and practices. The Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center establishes a centralized, Category 1 hub to fill this void for dentists and patients throughout the state.  We will welcome all dentists to bring their own patients and bill those patients out of their own office, or patients can call the center directly and we will provide one of our affiliated top-notch dentists to address the need.  The phone number to call to inquire about services or for dentists to begin the rapid credentialing process is (240) 673-3283 – (240) 6-SEDATE.

Sedation encompasses multiple levels, beginning with minimal sedation techniques that render a patient in a relaxed state, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation medications like Valium or Halcion. Minor sedation is often used to calm the nerves of anxious patients receiving treatments like fillings and cosmetic contouring. Intravenous (IV) sedation is utilized during more invasive procedures and places the patient in a depressed state of consciousness, sometime referred to as "Twilight" although they may still be responsive to verbal queues. This type of sedation may take hours to fully wear off, leaving the patient unable to drive or perform other basic tasks. General anesthesia is the highest level of sedation, with the patient rendered fully unconscious and unable to breathe on their own. This is usually reserved for the most invasive surgical procedures and usually done in a hospital or accredited Ambulatory Surgical Center.  The Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center will be equipped and staffed to perform all levels of sedation, specializing in General Anesthesia and IV Sedation.

Extractions (including wisdom teeth), implant surgery, and reconstructive jaw/mouth surgery are among the procedures typically accompanied by IV Sedation and in some situations general anesthesia as administered by a certified anesthesiologist or by the oral surgeon. With the number of people receiving dental implants increasing by 500,000 each year, the need for these services continues to grow. In some cases, general anesthesia is also prescribed for highly anxious patients or uncooperative children or special need patients. General Anesthesia and IV sedation are rarely used for restorative and endodontic procedures such as root canals but they are now options at this facility. Patients must be closely monitored throughout any sedation treatment.  The beauty of the MSD&SC is that any procedure, from a simple cleaning to the most complicated full maxillofacial reconstruction surgeries and full mouth extractions and implant support denture "All on 4" cases can be done under general anesthesia or IV Sedation, giving doctors much more latitude in the procedures and patients they can treat.  The staff anesthesiologists at the MSD&SC will be supported by a full cadre of specialists, including oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, pediatric dental specialists, and general dentists. This means that if a dentist wants to bring their patients to the MDSD&SC to do the restorative work but doesn't feel comfortable doing a complicated 3rd Molar extraction or a tricky root canal, the coordinators at the facility could arrange for a team approach, whereby the general dentist would do their work and then the specialists would step in and do their work.  In this type of team approach, the patient would only need to be sedated once, lowering costs and making it more convenient for the patient and the doctors.  "We will be the only facility in the State of Maryland, with a dedicated team of dentists and dental specialists and anesthesiologists where a patient can go and get all their dental needs taken care under one roof supported by a team of every dental specialty.   Basically, what we are building is a dental anesthesia hospital to serve the State of Maryland and surrounding region" said Stewart Stringer, General Manager of the Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center.

The innovative patient care model established for the center consists of two options: The first is a direct referral mode, whereby patients contact the center directly for an appointment and are aligned with a team of in-house doctors. MSD&SC dentists and specialists will complete the treatment plan and dentistry while a staff anesthesiologist will perform all necessary sedation services. A second option will allow patients to utilize the center through their existing dentist and utilize only the anesthesiology services. This option is a win-win for patients who prefer the familiarity of their current provider and dentists seeking a convenient anesthesiology solution while billing for their services out of their own practices. In these instances, the center will bill for facility fees and sedation services only the dentist will bill for only dental procedures performed. The MSD&SC will open its doors to all licensed dental professionals in the State of Maryland.

Upon completion, the MSD&SC will include two fully accredited operating rooms plus four procedure rooms. Each will be fully equipped for general anesthesia, IV Sedation and nitrous oxide sedation dentistry. A state-of-the-art surgical sterilization center will underpin the operation and a 6 bed recovery area will handle pre and post op prep and recovery. The center will also provide comfortable consultation and waiting room areas to optimize the patient experience. Thousands of patients put off necessary dental care for any number of reasons. The existence of the Maryland Sedation Dentistry and Surgical Center will reduce worry and stress for both doctors and patients. The Medicare/Medicaid approved center will accept most traditional dental insurance plans and flexible financing terms will be offered.  "Our goal is to make sedation dentistry services an affordable and convenient option for anyone who prefers to not be awake during dental procedures," said Stringer.

The complexities associated with sedation dentistry have long been recognized by the dental community. As these issues rose to the forefront, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology (ADSA) was founded in 1953 with a motto of "science conquers all suffering". The ADSA provides a forum for dentists and dental schools in the U.S. and Canada committed to robust anesthesiology standards and practices. Despite the progress made over the ensuing decades, the challenges of providing a safe and convenient setting for sedation dentistry have persisted. The trailblazing MSD&SC now combines science with colocation and collaboration to reduce suffering and anxiety for dental patients across the state and region.

Contact the MSD&SC: This unprecedented opportunity has created a wellspring of interest in advance of the official opening. Prospective patients are encouraged to contact the center and learn more about the available options or schedule an advance appointment. The free credentialing process for interested doctors is also underway. Dental professionals can contact the center to kickstart this process or to simply discover more about how these innovative sedation dentistry services can benefit their practice.

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