Manufacturer Of Backlit Countertop And Waterfall

The leading Chinese manufacturer of custom LED panel backlit countertop, waterfall, and wall translucent onyx, stone, marble, and quartzite is now eliminating barriers between illuminating ideas and business outcomes.
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Backlit Counter
Backlit Counter
YANTAI, China - April 8, 2022 - PRLog -- Countertop, waterfall, or wall onyx has always been known for their spectacular view, which is only enhanced by backlit. Light plays an important role in modifying a design, such as countertops and setting the mood. It has the ability to create an ideal space, especially when used to experiment with the light on stone.

For the last decade, the number of backlighting projects related to the kitchen, bathroom, bar counter, and lobby wall has increased, signifying its growing popularity. This is why today's market is flooded with several backlit tools, with soft led sheets, fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, and solid led panels being the most popular products. As everyone wishes to turn their home into masterpieces with inviting, warm, and proper lighting, the backlit countertop, and waterfall from Max Illumination have gained traction.

One of the key spokespeople for the company was quoted as saying, "We can install a number of little led panels close to each other beneath the countertop to create a large lighting area. Even the stone edge, jointing portion, and sink region appear to be illuminated uniformly. You can choose from RGB, RGBW, or color-changeable (CCT 3000K 6000K) led panels to enhance surface color. Our led panel is designed to be as thin as possible, with a 6mm thickness that will not raise the stone height."

Max Illumination is a trusted manufacturer of led panels that provides a smooth texture and a light on the panel. The natural beauty of surfacing materials can now easily be enhanced by their backlit countertops, and the result may transform a room's ambiance from lovely to absolutely magnificent. Their custom-led panel can even light areas around the sinks and counter overhangs and is now considered the perfect solution for backlit countertop and waterfall with onyx, marble, quartzite, and translucent stone.

More information about the wide range of product range offered by Max Illumination can be obtained at

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