LED Panel Back Light Stained Glass and Onyx Stone

Led panel backlit stained glass, onyx stone, art glass, fabric, wooden product and other translucent material
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Custom led panel
Custom led panel
YANTAI, China - April 29, 2021 - PRLog -- LED panel can back light counter onyx stone, stained glass, art glass, fabric and onyx stone material.

Why We Use Led Panel Back Light Stained Glass and Onyx Stone?

By installing led panel, we can not see the hot spots or visible lines through the stained glass and onyx stone.

The led panel is with different color from incandescent light (2700K) to bright cool daylight (6500K), or cool light(10000K) as well as RGB led panel and CCP panel that create a dynamic colorful glass or colorful light art.

The 6mm and 8mm thickness of edge-lit led light guide plate can bear heavy stone on the countertop or floor.

The edge-lit led panel backlit stained glass can be used in lightboxes, wall or ceiling cavities and outdoor displays.

When the light from the frameless LED panel evenly light up on the onyx stone and stained glass, these natural artworks will become full of vitality.

The led panel is achieving even lighting on translucent material including stained glass, fabric, translucent wooden material and onyx stone etc.

The led panel is available in any 2D shape or size (2800*1400mm to 50mm*50mm). In addition, the shape of led panel could be round, triangle and irregular shape etc.

Reduce energy costs by more efficient lighting.

For your led panel backlit stained glass or onyx stone projects, you can contact with MAX Illumination.


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