Five to Flow™ Launches the Wellness Wave™ for Nonprofits to Drive Transformative Change in The Communities They Serve

Five to Flow is a global consulting collective that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak business performance.
Organizational Transformation for Nonprofits
Organizational Transformation for Nonprofits
LOS ANGELES - March 17, 2022 - PRLog -- Five to Flow today announces the launch of the Wellness Wave for nonprofit organizations. The Wellness Wave is a proprietary diagnostic fueled by the five core elements of organizational wellness that drive peak business performance. It helps individuals bring their whole selves to work by using their voices to drive meaningful change. This creates an environment at work that supports employee authenticity, engagement, and intrinsic motivation.

Five to Flow designed the Wellness Wave for nonprofit organizations as a benchmark for industry leaders to consistently measure what their employees and constituents are thinking and feeling, and compare that data with their industry peers and competitors. By sharing these actionable insights with nonprofit organizations across the globe, Five to Flow is redefining what employee engagement and peak nonprofit performance mean in today's rapidly changing world.

Similar to the Wellness Wave, this new version designed for nonprofit organizations scores responses as toxic, deficient, borderline, strong, and in flow to provide key stakeholders insights that will drive future strategy and growth. This cutting-edge tool uniquely allows nonprofits to focus holistically on areas like data, technology, and analytics that have historically been underutilized in this sector. Additionally, the ability to measure the organization's health around operational processes, people, and culture creates profound insights and action steps for mission-driven organizations to increase efficiency and impact. Respondents have access to suggestions for self-improvement in categories where they score low, and they receive feedback on how their scores compare to their peer groups. For nonprofit organizations that have multiple respondents, leaders can take action on low-scoring areas and see how they compare to their industry peers. The diagnostic is available on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and is accessible on Five to Flow's website.

"One of the fundamental components of our mission as a company is to support the meaningful work that nonprofits engage in on a daily basis. By creating the Wellness Wave for nonprofits, we are providing a valuable resource for leaders across the globe to drive positive change and relevant growth opportunities for their employees and constituents," said Kate Visconti, Founder and CEO. "Our primary objective in creating this new industry-specific diagnostic is to help purpose-driven charitable organizations connect with their employees on a deeper level and have a greater impact on the communities they serve."

The latest nonprofit industry trends and statistics reinforce the need for leaders to prioritize organizational wellness. According to the Council of Nonprofits' "Scope and Impact of Nonprofit Workforce Shortages" report, over 26% of the 641 organizations surveyed responded that they had job openings for 20-29% of their positions. Furthermore, another significant challenge facing nonprofit organizations today is the lack of moral leadership for the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The unique challenges taking place in the nonprofit sector this year can also be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, the gender pay gap, and the increased need for cybersecurity due to data breaches across the globe.

"We are passionate about partnering with nonprofit organizations to build solutions designed to strengthen individual and organizational flow. Launching the Wellness Wave for nonprofits brings us one step closer to fulfilling our mission and impact," said Visconti.


Five to Flow is a global consulting collective that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak performance. Our proprietary methodology is driven by five core elements of organizational wellness.  We are the bridge between who an organization thinks they are, who they actually are, and who they aspire to be.

AJ Bellarosa, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer


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