CuraLinc's New Digital Group Support Platform Improves Access to Mental Health Care and Resources

Virtual Support Connect
Virtual Support Connect
CHICAGO - Feb. 2, 2022 - PRLog -- Although employer-sponsored mental health programs have always delivered care on the foundation of one-on-one treatment, group therapy has had an important place in the landscape of therapeutic options available to people who want to strengthen their emotional fitness. Group therapy helps employees understand that they're not the only ones dealing with a specific condition or issue; and it also helps them relate to the other people in their universe more effectively, including family, coworkers and friends.

To address this gap, CuraLinc Healthcare, a global behavioral health and wellbeing provider, embedded Virtual Support Connect (VSC) into every EAP, MAP and student support program on January 1, 2022. VSC provides moderated small-group sessions on a wide variety of topics through the program's desktop and mobile platform. "Virtual Support Connect offers employees yet another meaningful way to access care, and a unique modality that may be an ideal fit for some employees who haven't ever used the program before," says Aimee Wilczynski, LCPC, LMHC, CEAP, a CuraLinc Clinical Director and the team leader for VSC. "Group support adds a whole new dimension to the care journey, and as a clinician, I find that to be the most important part of the new platform."

Key features of Virtual Support Connect include:
  • Extends the Footprint of Support.   Group support appeals to people who may not be receptive to one-on-one counseling.
  • Confidential Participation.   VSC users from among all CuraLinc clients can participate anonymously.
  • Hosted by Experts.   Moderators include licensed mental health clinicians and subject matter experts in every category.
  • Comprehensive Schedule of Topics.   Users can choose from a variety of sessions that are scheduled on a regular cadence.
  • Connectivity.   VSC is fully integrated with the program's digital platform. Users can connect to other program resources or speak with a licensed mental health counselor at any time.          

In the first month since CuraLinc launched VSC, the platform provided support and guidance on a variety of topics that impact employee health and wellbeing, including Coping with Stress, Sleep Fitness, Self Care, Avoiding Addiction, Grief, Preventing Burnout and Mindfulness. According to David Pawlowski, LCPC, CEAP, CuraLinc's Senior Vice President of Operations. "Unlike other treatment modalities, group support helps people who might be struggling recognize they're not alone – something that can be therapeutic in and of itself. In addition, having the opportunity to give support, as well as receive it, can be an especially empowering experience."

About CuraLinc Healthcare

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