Offshore software development trends

NEW YORK - Nov. 10, 2021 - PRLog -- The need for software development has increased all over the world and most IT companies offer the option of offshore software development. Such a cooperation method presupposes trusting the software developer to a thirds party service supplier. In most of the cases, companies outsource web and mobile development, UX/UI design, etc. It offers a variety of benefits, however, the biggest one is the access to tech talents pool and expertise at a good price-quality ratio. GBKSOFT has a rich experience being an outsourcing partner has introduced the main trends in software offshore development.

Main trends in software offshore development:
  • Narrow tech specialization
    It is impossible to have all kinds of software specialists gather in one company. Thus, more and more companies are specialized in a narrow range of services, which allows them to supply high-quality products. Moreover, it allows the developers to polish their skills working in one specific niche.
  • Enhanced customer experience

With the current situation with COVID19  shopping has moved online. Thus, entrepreneurs are striving to improve the buying experience, make UX design more user-friendly and also improve customer data processing. According to Forbes, AI and IoT solutions will continue to enjoy their tremendous popularity. IoT and ML tools provide real-time data and enhance data storing and processing allowing to improve of existing CRM systems.
  • Increased need in cybersecurity

Security has always been the biggest concern of the customers as well as companies aiming to save their reputation clear and stay reliable. Since, all the processes moved online, increased the need for handling the security issues and strengthening their safety to be able to protect customer data.
  • Cloud computing

The volumes of data increase with enormous speed and arises the necessity to find the outsourcing vendor that will help with effective cloud platforms. Moving to the cloud enables easy data access, regular backups, and quick recovery.
  • Processes automation

The decrease of human interference and automatization of the core processes with the help of AI and IoT enables businesses to raise their efficiency considerably. Moreover, it mitigates fraud and theft and increases the speed of data processing.

GBKSOFT has extensive experience in supplying offshore development services. Cross-industry expertise and a rich tech stack, transparency, well-tuned developing process allow the team to build efficient business software solutions following the latest trends and supplying high-quality technology.

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