Smart Selling Tools Announces the 26 Top Sales Tools of 2021

11th annual Top Sales Awards recognizes innovative sales software solutions that can drive revenue growth in 2021.
By: Smart Selling Tools, Inc.
Top Sales Tools Of 2021 Blog Post Feature Image
Top Sales Tools Of 2021 Blog Post Feature Image
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - April 27, 2021 - PRLog -- Smart Selling Tools, Inc. the leading provider of information on sales software technologies (SalesTech), announced the release of its Top Sales Tools of 2021 Awards and guide.

Each year, the company identifies solutions that address both the fundamental challenges sales organizations face as well as new challenges that are surfacing due to changing markets. This year's awards are organized into 6 categories which represent the tasks-to-be-done to achieve steady revenue growth.

1.         Learning
2.         Prioritizing
3.         Engaging
4.         Earning
5.         Performing
6.         Closing

The market for sales software has ballooned as has the sheer number of software solutions available. The Nancy Nardin SalesTech Landscape now includes just over 1100 sales solutions.

"The growth in the market has brought excitement as well as confusion," says Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools, Inc. "Sales organizations rarely have the resources to adequately keep up on all the technology offerings. That's why we produce the Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide."

Sales Software providers recognized for 2021 in each category are as follows.

Learning: Allego, Brainshark, Chorus, Second Nature, and Qstream.
Prioritizing: InsideView, MRP and TechTarget.
Engaging: Bigtincan, Citia, ClearSlide, Consensus, Crescendo, Flipdeck, Mediafly, StorySlab, and Turtl.
Earning: Vivun, Scratchpad, Revegy, and Hub.
Performing: EMMa3D, Point of Reference and Valkre.
Closing: DealCoachPro and DealPoint.

The free guide may be viewed here.

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